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Refresh Your Day Mother Nature's way with Life EnvironmentsRefresh Your Day Mother Nature's way with Life EnvironmentsRefresh Your Day Mother Nature's way with Life EnvironmentsRefresh Your Day Mother Nature's way with Life EnvironmentsRefresh Your Day Mother Nature's way with Life Environments

'Tis the season to give yourself or someone special a delightful gift of less stress and more life.


Have you ever noticed how much better you feel when you’re walking in the forest, along the beach or by a stream? That’s nature transforming your brain and mind in healthy ways. Research shows that nature's experience makes us smarter, more productive, healthier, nicer, and happier. It does this by inhibiting our damaging responses to stress while simultaneously refreshing our brain and body in balanced ways nothing else can – not even drugs. The human response to nature is so strong more leading scientists believe we’re genetically linked to it.

Now, imagine fusing that same experience with your meditation, yoga, exercise, and relaxation routines.


Until now, the only way to benefit from nature was to be there. We’ve changed that.

Immersions™ are lifelike 360-degree immersive audio explorations you combine with your meditation, yoga, exercise, or during time alone when you simply want to escape life. Each experience transforms any wellness routine by increasing its health benefits and de-stressing and refreshing your mind gently, naturally, and effectively. Most importantly, Immersions™ are safe and physician-approved.

All you need are headphones (or ear buds), an Internet connection, your subscription to Immersions™, and a few moments to escape the world delightfully.

Transform your meditation, yoga, exercise, and relaxation routines with science and delight.


The scientists and physicians at Life Environments developed Immersions™ technology to help patients undergoing healthcare procedures to improve outcomes with less stress. Instead of drugs, however, we leveraged the incredibly powerful, effective, and safer influence of Mother Nature in novel ways. We think that's very cool thinking - and it works beautifully!

Immersions™ and Visions™ are immersive audio experiences that use this same lifelike audio technology to leverage nature’s unrivaled ability to de-stress and refresh your brain and mind naturally and safely. The instructions are simple: listen. Each delightful experience centers you in lifelike natural spaces that enhance your wellness routines as they delightfully refresh your brain and mind. Wellness activities like meditation, yoga, work, exercise - or simply escaping life for a bit through out your day or at bedtime just became far more amazing and healthy. It's really that easy!

You are going to love the benefits Immersions™ provides - and so will your brain.

Wellness is officially delightful!

Any time. Any place. Any way. The choice is yours! Use your Immersions™ and Visions™ experiences as a backdrop to meditation, yoga, or exercise. You can also use them to transition your hectic lifestyle to a more relaxed experience away from a chaotic world by immersing yourself in each experience.

Immersions™ are available in two delightful formats. Immersions™ are full-length experiences that last from 40 minutes to more than an hour with soft in’s and out’s to allow for non-disruptive looping. Visions™ are 15-minute experiences that include a gentle reminder at 14 minutes to remove time management concerns while enabling a gentle reminder when your experience is about to end.

Choose Immersions™, Visions™, or both. The choice is yours!

Getting started is easy.


Getting started with Immersions™ is easy and affordable. All you need is a set of headphones or earbuds (learn more here…), an Internet-connected device like your mobile device or computer, your subscription to Immersions™, Visions™ or Complete™, and a few moments of your day!

You deserve choices - and we have them! You can either subscribe to our full-length Immersions™, our 15-minuted timed Visions™, or both is a combined plan that saves you money. You can also choose monthly or annual billing that delivers almost 2 months free. The choice is yours. Naturally, there is no hassle and you can cancel at anytime.

Change your relationship with anxiety and stress.


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Nature's experience is an essential part of your wellness story.

Physical condition is important - but it’s only a small part of your wellness story. Anxiety and stress are silently yet profoundly shaping your health, wellness, and life experience in unexpected ways this very moment.

Nature’s experience resets your body and mind in healthy ways that inhibit anxiety, stress, and their devastating impacts on your mind, body, and life experience naturally and safely. This is how you're designed. This is why we feel so much better when we're in nature - nothing is more effective. Life Environments audio experiences enables you to leverage nature’s experience in remarkable and healthy ways - and time, any place, and in any way - even when Mother Nature is no place to be found.

Learn more in about 4 minutes...

77 Seconds of Bliss

Experience our lifelike sound technology first-hand...


Experience a new day on the farm. Hear birds in all directions as leaves sizzle in the breeze gently from above. Close your eyes and let your mind's eye wander and become immersed in a healthy experience available as only Life Environments can deliver them. Enjoy 77 seconds of a New Day!


Non-Noise Canceling Headphones or Ear Buds Required.

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Science is revealing nature's many impacts on human health and wellness.
Here are some of the latest stories.



Life Environments - Refresh your day Mother Nature’s way!Want to learn more about your brain on nature?

National Geographic explains the human/nature connection with wonderful clarity. Florence Williams', This Is Your Brain on Nature, is a wonderful introduction into the world of the human/nature connection, why it's important and what it means to each of us!

May require a National Geographic subscription.

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