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Give the gift of a more relaxed and refreshed you.

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Life Environments Refresh!™ combines new thinking and the therapeutic benefits of nature’s experience to de-stress and refresh you effectively, safety and naturally. Originally developed to help healthcare patients feel and heal better, Life Environments Refresh!™ helps you address stress at its root levels and leverages nature’s experience by immersing you in lifelike natural environments that inhibit stress and enhances your brain in ways that refresh and rejuvenate naturally and safely.

Does it work? Yes! In as few as five minutes most people report noticeable stress reduction and improved senses of wellbeing. More importantly, the more you use it, the greater your benefit will be. Traditional nature recordings and colored sound simply can’t do what Life Environments can. It’s time to take control of stress and your cognitive wellness with smarter, safer, more natural thinking.

Refresh your day mother nature's way!

Refresh! uses nature's experience to de-stress and refresh your days and nights naturally, safely and effectively. Originally designed to reduce patient anxiety, stress and fear, Refresh! delivers nature's stress-reduction and cognitive wellness benefits any time, any place and in any way you want - even when she's no place to be found!

 De-stress and refresh your day smarter.

Who says you can’t walk along the beach right now? Life Environments Refresh!™ uses new thinking and advanced technology to deliver nature’s calming and cognitive wellness benefits – even when nature is no place to be found! Now you can enjoy nature’s healthiest cognitive benefits by simply immersing yourself in nature’s lifelike experience any time, any place and any way you like. In as few as five minutes, anxiety, stress and fear begin fading as you begin coming to life again. It’s an experience no other solution can provide.

 It's time for a more restful sleep.

Sleep problems are among the most common and frustrating challenges today. Anxiety and stress are at the core of many of those problems. Life Environments Refresh!™ stimulates your mind in ways that inhibit cognitive obstacles that keep you from a healthier and restful sleep experience. Simply relax, listen for as few as five minutes and let mother nature introduce you to a healthier and more restful sleep. It’s time to take back the control of your sleep experience with smarter thinking. Instructions included!

 Not grandpa's audio technology.

Life Environments Refresh!™ experiences aren’t typical audio recordings. They’re specially acquired, produced and tested to deliver the therapeutic benefits you love and your brain responds to in healthy ways. Each hyper-realistic experience is the final performance of an exhaustive and lengthy production process that leverages proprietary expertise and technology, and cinematic production to achieve realism rivaling nature itself. It’s hard. However, Refresh!™ delivers what traditional audio and video simply can’t – the cognitive benefits of mother nature.

 Simple to use.  Easy to love.

Life Environments Refresh!™ is a complete therapeutic cognitive wellness solution wrapped in delightful experiences you’ll love! Immerse yourself in lifelike experiences to begin de-stressing your days and nights right away. You can also take some time to learn about your stress, what it’s all about, and discover how to deal with it effectively with Refresh! University mini courses. Finally, enjoy actionable cognitive wellness insights with our Refresh! digital newsletter six times annually. It’s included in your subscription. It’s time to begin experiencing the life you were designed to live!

 Any time. Any place. Any way.

While nothing can take the place of a long walk along the beach, through a forest or the mountains, Life Environments Refresh!™ delivers the next best thing when you can’t be there! However, Life Environments Refresh! has one benefit over nature – it can deliver nature's lifelike experience when nature is no place to be found! Now you can access the cognitive benefits of nature any time, any place and any way you want!

 Introducing your best you!

Cognitive wellness is about ensuring your brain and mind are performing their best. Healthy habits are important, however, other than disease and trauma, anxiety, stress and fear cause the greatest amount of damage and are lifelong threats. Cognitive wellness impacts your entire body, mind, and defines the experience of your life. It makes sense to take control of them in safe, natural and effective ways. Refresh!™ is the first therapeutic solution designed to diminish damaging cognitive processes that impact cognitive and physical wellness and performance - while refreshing you with nature’s lifelike experience. It’s time to reveal the smarter, healthier, and happier you!

 Innovation you can trust.

Life Environments is one of the most revered names in natural life sciences. That’s why our teams work tirelessly to pioneer solutions that make real differences in the lives of our customers - and are worthy of our name. Refresh! is the result of the amazing work of more than 250 scientists, physicians, cognitive and technology experts to address one of the most challenging health risks of our time naturally, safely and delightfully. It’s time to manage your stress. It’s time to improve your life’s experience!

Your Life Environments Refresh!™ subscription is a complete system that’s designed to help you de-stress and refresh yourself naturally. It consists of two simple-to-use modules and a world of possibilities!


 Refresh! University

Life Environments Refresh!™ is a two-stage system designed to de-stress and refresh naturally and safely using nature’s lifelike experience. However, we’re not a one-trick pony. If you truly want to control stress, you must first understand it. Refresh! University provides a growing collection of mini-courses designed by experts to deliver real-world understandings that show you how to manage stress and cognitive wellness in actionable ways you can put to use today!



 The Life Environments Refresh!™ Experience Library

Enjoy unlimited access to at least six immersive Refresh!™ experiences on your Internet-connected device each month. Simply sit back, place your headphones or earbuds and immerse yourself in lifelike spaces that erase stress and anxiety and leave you refreshed in unexpected ways. In as few as five minutes, most people begin feeling less stress and more refreshed. As few as thirty minutes can change your entire day!

Refresh!™ Essential Application Guides help you put your Refresh! experiences to work immediately. Whether it’s a break from life at work, home or any place between, or just refresh your day or night, or enjoying a healthier sleep experience, Refresh! guides can help you get the most from Refresh! experiences quickly.

We’re adding new experiences all the time – including ten (10) mesmerizing experiences in 2019!

Life Environments Refresh!™ is designed to work with you and your life - and that’s something you can feel great about too! All you need is an Internet-connected device, headphones (preferred) or earbuds, your Life Environments Refresh!™ subscription and a few moments to refresh your day!

Follow these instructions carefully:

1. Choose your experience.  2. Get comfy.  3. Listen.  4. The end.

This dynamic example requires the use of headphones or earbuds to experience true lifelike 360-degree audio.

Grab your headphones or earbuds and listen this brief taster of Life Environments Refresh!™ surround audio technology and a smattering of our experiences!

Actual Life Environments Refresh!™ experiences aurally focus on a specific environment in lifelike detail.

Please lower the volume and adjust to lifelike levels. Watch the screen for audio level cues.



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National Geographic explains the human/nature connection with wonderful clarity. Florence Williams', This Is Your Brain on Nature, is a wonderful introduction into the world of the human/nature connection, why it's important and what it means to each of us!


Feeling nerdly?

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