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Nature helps you manage stress better
and live smarter, happier and healthier.


The science is clear: you’re genetically linked to nature. Nature is the natural antidote to the impacts of life and living and resets the mind and body like nothing else can. Exposure to nature makes you smarter, more productive, healthier, nicer and happier. The problem is most people don’t experience enough nature. The result is increased stress, anxiety, depression and compromised sleep, personal performance, health and wellness. We simply aren’t as happy, smart, productive or healthy without nature.

Life Environments Refresh! is a new cognitive health and wellness approach that delivers nature’s most important cognitive benefits any place, any time and any way you like - when Mother Nature is no place to be found. It’s time to get Refreshed!

It's never been harder to turn off life.
We're changing that.


Refresh!™ is the world's leading personal cognitive wellness program for a reason - it works! Refresh! leverages the latest scientific research, advanced technology, cognitive expertise, human behavior and Mother Nature to inhibit stress while enhancing what makes you feel better about yourself and life safely and naturally - even when nature is no place to be found! No meditation or other practice to learn. Simply listen. You will love the experience!

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Stress rewires your brain and impacts life's experience in dangerous ways.


Stress impacts performance, health, wellness and life quality more than all other influences combined. Period. If you're not managing stress properly, it's defining your life in destructive ways. Anxiety, stress and fear are natural and healthy responses to life - but they can quickly become overwhelming. Stress isn't a sign of mental illness, it’s an indicator that life is pushing you beyond your natural design limits. The good news is stress is highly controllable. The most important first step is making the decision to take control of stress before its impacts damage your mind, body and life quality further.

Managing stress well is essential to a smarter, happier and healthier you! Stress is far more dangerous than you think. Almost every disease, condition, and syndrome lists stress as a causal or aggravating factor. Stress also impacts decision-making, problem-solving and solution creation more than all other non-traumatic inhibitors. Drugs simply can't treat stress and aren't recommended by increasing numbers of leading physicians, universities and even the National Institutes of Health as a primary treatment. So, what do you do? It's time for smarter thinking.

Refresh! is a pioneering cognitive wellness approach by Life Environments Life Sciences that helps you redefine your relationship with stress in healthy ways you're going to love! Now you can de-stress and rejuvenate your days and nights naturally, safely and effectively  - and it's as simple as immersing yourself for a few delightful moments each day.

It's time to take back control of your life from anxiety and stress.

Refresh!™ by Life Environments is the world's only balanced cognitive health and wellness program. Refresh! helps you live with less stress and with more life by leveraging a delightfully simple approach you're going to love. Refresh!™ consists of two primary elements. Immersions 2™ aural experiences reduce stress rapidly while rejuvenating you naturally using your body's built-in natural responses - no drugs, gimmicks or voodoo. Simply listen. If you want the utmost cognitive wellness, Refreshed! is a powerful life course that demystifies stress and guides you to a smarter and healthier relationship with stress - forever! Use one or both; the choice is yours!


Immersionsare highly lifelike audio experiences that place you in the center of nature's amazing spaces. Immersion aren't traditional audio recordings - they're smarter! For starters, you'll experience lifelike sound coming from every direction - just as in live nature itself! Traditional audio can't come close - but it gets better. Our exclusive therapeutic 3-D audio technology starts short-circuiting stress within moments while simultaneously stimulating the areas of your brain that make you feel better. Find a comfortable spot. Sit back. Relax. Immerse yourself and watch stress fade as your senses of well-being come to life. It's just that easy!


Refreshed! is the acclaimed cognitive wellness life course by our cognitive expert Ian Breck. Refreshed! demystifies stress and helps you change your relationship with it in practical and actionable ways. You can develop a real-world plan for building a healthier and happier life you love with less stress and more you!


Dear Doc Happy™ is our new weekly podcast will answer questions from people just like you about life, living, and building a life you love! It's a delightful weekly 5 minutes you won't want to miss! Subscribers receive premier access to Doc Happy™!


Flexibility is built in. Use part or all of the Refresh! components to start refreshing your day Mother Nature's way™.

Stress less.  Be healthier.  Live amazingly!


Refresh!™ is advanced cognitive wellness for those who want the best from life and living. Our pioneering balanced cognitive wellness approach helps you short-circuit stress and reduce its deadly impacts while increasing what makes you feel great about you and your life. The result is a happier, healthier, smarter and more productive you - and everything happens naturally and safely without drugs, gimmicks or voodoo.

Refresh! has been developed with insight from the world's leading cognitive experts, leading university researchers and physicians to help you define a new relationship with stress – and you’re going to love the experience!

In our customer's words...

Enjoy 77 seconds of bliss right now!

Experience a new day awakening from a farm grove. Hear birds in all directions as leaves sizzle gently from above. Sit back. Close your eyes and let your mind's eye wander and become immersed in a healthy experience available as only Life Environments can replicate them. Enjoy 77 seconds of a new day!


Please listen using non-noise cancelling headphones or ear buds to experience the psychoactive effect.


Life Environments cognitive wellness in your company


Bringing the best out in your company begins with a quality cognitive health and wellness program. The best cognitive health and wellness programs begin with expert insight and guidance from a global leader like Life Environments.

Life Environments Advisory Services delivers the knowledge, expertise and insight your company needs to help your workforce perform better by managing anxiety, stress, and other inhibitors smarter. More importantly, we’ve made this easier than you think!



Want to learn more about your brain on nature?

National Geographic explains the human/nature connection with wonderful clarity. Florence Williams', This Is Your Brain on Nature, is a wonderful introduction into the world of the human/nature connection, why it's important and what it means to each of us!