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Give the gift of a more relaxed and refreshed you.

K. Kringle. Customer since December 20, 2015.


Have you ever wondered why you feel better when you’re in nature? There’s a reason for that – it’s your brain on nature. Research has shown nature’s experience de-stresses us, makes us more relaxed, healthier, smarter, happier and nicer - naturally. Unfortunately, more than 80% of all Americans don’t spend enough time in nature, and the impacts on wellness are profound.

The human/nature connection is an essential element of human cognitive, psychological and physical health and wellness. Nature provides not only great exercise opportunities, but it also interacts with your brain in healthy ways that regulate critical human biological processes. But, what do you do when nature’s simply too inconvenient or not close?

Life Environments Refresh!™ is a system of specially developed therapeutic audio experiences that center you in lifelike natural environments. Originally developed to help patients achieve better clinical outcomes with fewer drugs, Life Environments Refresh!™ stimulates your brain in precise ways that reduce stress, anxiety and their impacts while enhancing what refreshes and rejuvenates you safely, effectively and naturally. In as few as five minutes most people report significant stress reduction and an improved sense of wellbeing. Traditional nature recordings simply can’t do what Life Environments can. It’s time to take control of your anxiety and stress with smarter, safer, more natural thinking.

It’s time to live Refreshed!

We're using nature's experience to calm and refresh your days and nights naturally, safely and effectively. Life Environments Refresh!™ helps you leverage nature's best cognitive benefits any time, any place and in any way you want. It's easy, affordable, and most importantly - it simply, gently and safely works.

De-stress and refresh your day.

It’s a scientific fact: nature inhibits stress, anxiety and fear. These aren’t only bad news for your health today; left untreated they become primary precursors and antagonists for almost every disease and condition humans experience. Depression, cancer and heart disease are only the beginning. However, that’s not the end of nature’s story. Life Environments Refresh!™ uses nature’s experience to de-stress and enhance those processes that help you feel better about yourself and your world. Life Environments Refresh!™ is natural, safe and affordable. Drugs simply can’t compare.

Experience a more restful sleep.

Sleep disorders are among some of the most common and frightening challenges we face today. Hectic lives, stress at work and anxiety over upcoming events are only a few of the drivers behind poor sleep. However, many of these feelings and concerns are mitigated when you’re in nature. That’s just how mother nature rolls. She muffles many of life’s stresses naturally, safely and effectively. Life Environments Refresh!™ uses mother nature’s lifelike experience to reduce many of the factors that inhibit a restless sleep. Now you can immerse yourself in nature’s experience in your own bed without the bugs and creepy things! Learn more...

Not your grandpa's audio experience.

Life Environments Refresh!™ environments are specially developed therapeutic aural experiences that place you in the center of lifelike environments and engages your brain in healthy ways. Close your eyes; you are there! Unlike traditional and surround technology, Life Environments Refresh!™ presents nature’s hyper-realistic experience with precise sound as and where it occurs naturally thanks to our exclusive Surroundia™ spatial audio capture technology. Front, back, left, right, above, below and all places between, you experience life as it happens in every direction!

Simple to use.  Easy to love.

Jump in right away by experiencing Life Environments Refresh!™ in the raw or invest a bit of time to discover the complete potential of Life Environments Refresh!™. The choice is yours! All it requires is an Internet-connected device, a set of headphones (preferred) or earbuds, your Life Environments Refresh!™ subscription and as few as five minutes of your day or night to experience the gentle, safe and refreshingly effective stress relief only mother nature can provide! Now you can enjoy nature’s experience when it’s no where to be found! Easy peasy!

Any time. Any place. Any way.

While nothing can take the place of a long walk along the beach, through a forest or the mountains, Life Environments Refresh!™ delivers the next best thing when you can’t be there! All you need to do is listen for as few as five minutes to begin feeling refreshed! Our exclusive audio technology wraps you in lifelike experiences any time, any place and any way you want. Almost immediately stress, anxiety and other adverse feelings are reduced as you begin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. These aren’t simple nature recordings. Life Environments Refresh!™ delivers lifelike audio tested therapeutic experiences both you and your brain will love!

Be your best you.

Nature’s experience interacts with both you and your mind in healthy ways that extend beyond anxiety and stress. While its cognitive interplay is not understood well, research has revealed nature engages your brain in beneficial ways that make you cognitively sharper, smarter, nicer, more content and healthier! This is likely the combined effect of inhibited anxiety, stress and fear along with enhancing those parts of your brain that are responsible for increased senses of well-being and confidence. However you look at it, life is simply better with mother nature’s experience. Life Environments Refresh!™ delivers that any time, any place and any way you want.

Your Life Environments Refresh!™ subscription is a complete system that’s designed to help you de-stress and refresh yourself naturally. It consists of three simple to use pieces!


The Life Environments De-Stressify™ Program

The Life Environments De-Stressify™ Program. If you want a complete stress-relief program that’s simple to use, easy to understand and actionable, here is the perfect place to begin your journey. As part of your Life Environments Refresh!™ subscription, you will receive easy to understand actionable knowledge without the science-speak and hyperbole. Discover your unique external and internal stressors, evaluate your situation then develop a real-world game plan you can put to use immediately with expertise from some of the world’s leading minds.


The Life Environments Refresh!™ Essential Application Guide

The Life Environments Refresh!™ Essential Application Guide. If you’re new to Life Environments Refresh!™ and want to hit the ground running, here this is where you want to begin your journey! In this quick guide, we explore many ways to put Life Environments Refresh!™ to use.  Refresh your days and nights, de-stress your days and nights, get a more restful sleep, take the edge off before meetings and events, refresh yourself after challenging days, Life Environments Refresh!™ in group environments, healthcare environments, palliative care, during healthcare procedures and to help yourself feel and heal better before, during and after medical procedures are only a few of the topics covered. We are continuously adding new applications, so you will always have a way to discover new ways to make your life a nicer place to be!


Unlimited access to The Life Environments Refresh!™ Experience Library

You will also enjoy unlimited access to a minimum  of six complete Life Environments Refresh!™ natural environments through your Internet-connected device. Each experience is captured and produced specifically for therapeutic results by our production crews and lab-tested to help you destress and refresh yourself naturally. With new releases almost monthly, you will access our growing experience library and leverage the remarkable power of nature’s experience to refresh your days and nights naturally. Nothing else compares to the experience of Life Environments – except mother nature herself.


Your Life Environments Refresh!™ subscription does great things in other ways as well. In 2019, the Life Environments Refresh!™ system will be available free of charge to children's hospitals in North America to help kids fighting their greatest struggles feel and heal better. Did you know improving clinical outcomes for patients was the reason we developed this product? Learn more here...

Life Environments Refresh!™ is designed to work with you and your life - and that’s something you can feel great about too! All you need is an Internet-connected device, headphones (preferred) or earbuds, your Life Environments Refresh!™ subscription and a few moments to refresh your day!

Follow these instructions carefully:

1. Choose your experience.  2. Get comfy.  3. Listen.  4. The end.

This dynamic example requires the use of headphones or earbuds to experience true lifelike 360-degree audio.

Grab your headphones or earbuds and listen this brief taster of Life Environments Refresh!™ surround audio technology and a smattering of our experiences!

Actual Life Environments Refresh!™ experiences aurally focus on a specific environment in lifelike detail.

Please lower the volume and adjust to lifelike levels. Watch the screen for audio level cues.