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Take your wellness to the next level with lifelike nature audio experiences by Life Environments


Have you ever noticed how much better you feel when you’re walking in the forest, along the beach or by a stream? That’s your brain responding to nature’s experience. As it turns out, nature changes us in healthy ways. Science has revealed nature’s experience calms, refreshes and resets our brains, minds and bodies in ways nothing else can – naturally and safely.

Imagine immersing yourself in a forest, on a beach or by a stream – from your living room, while meditating, doing yoga, on a flight, in your office or simply escaping your day. Life Environments Immersions™ puts nature’s lifelike experience in your pocket! For the first time you can leverage nature’s most important health and wellness benefits any time, any place and any way you want.

Life Environments Immersive Audio

Refresh your brain, body and mind how they are designed to be refreshed.

Nature’s experience is a major contributor to human health, wellbeing, and happiness. Hundreds of peer-reviewed research studies have revealed nature’s experience triggers critical health benefits available from no other source. Because of the wellness benefits nature’s experience provides, leading universities, health organizations and scientists agree that human design genetically depends to the moderating and balancing benefits nature’s experience provides.

Being in nature starts stress-inhibiting processes in the brain within minutes while simultaneously activating brain processes that improve your senses of well-being and contentment. You feel better, perform better, are healthier, happier, nicer and your life experience improves significantly by simply being exposed to nature’s experience.

Nature’s experience resets your mind and body in essential ways nothing else can.


The problem with nature…

Whether it’s hectic lives or access being inconvenient or non-existent, more than 80% of us don’t receive enough exposure to nature’s experience to leverage its wellness benefits. The results are dramatically increased anxiety, stress, depression, disease, aggression and significantly inhibited contentment and life quality. At the root of these issues are the devastating impacts of your body’s response to stress.

Stress is an essential human protective mechanism that triggers important changes to your body that help you respond to danger. Sometimes your body’s stress response becomes extreme or uncontrolled. This is when stress begins triggering damaging processes that break down tissues, organs, and entire systems and initiate disease processes like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and countless others. The truth is stress is either directly responsible or aggravating to almost all non-traumatic human diseases and conditions.

Nature’s experience inhibits mechanisms that drive your physiological stress response – naturally and safely. Life Environments enables you to leverage nature’s wellness benefits any time, any place, and any way you like – even when Mother Nature is no place to be found!

Life Environments Immersive Audio

Your meditation, yoga, relaxation, sleep, work, exercise and wellness routines are about to become amazing!


Wellness solutions are only effective when they’re easy to be used. Life Environments immersive audio experiences provide immersive backdrops you can use while doing what you already love. Simply listen then live. It’s really just that easy!

If you’re into mindfulness, meditation, yoga, reiki, tai chi or any other meditative activity, combining them with Life Environments immersive aural experiences not only transforms your activity, but also your mind and brain. This is a win-win with the power to transform your wellness routines.

For flights, hotels, and the pressures of life on the road, Life Environments helps you de-stress and refresh in as few as 15 minutes.

If you simply want to escape the world for a bit or perhaps enjoy a more restful sleep, Life Environments immersive solutions are perfect ways to dissipate the stressors of your day and enter sleep more relaxed and refreshed.

Life Environments Immersive Audio

Science. Not science fiction.

Life Environments immersive audio experiences are pioneered using the latest science and research from the foremost institutions and universities worldwide. From unique applied physics we use to create each lifelike 3D audio experience to the science behind the human interactions with nature and our world that we set out to refresh, rest assured that your experience is shaped with the help of the world’s leading experts. 

Clinically developed with research from the following insitutions and others…

Life Environments Immersive Audio

Flexibility included free of charge.

Enjoy nature’s benefits any time, any place and any way!

Life Environments makes smarter wellness easy and convenient with solutions that fit into your lifestyle.

Your subscription allows full access to our growing library of professionally developed and tested 3D natural environments. We are currently adding between 7 and 10 spectacular experiences each production season. In 2022 we are focusing on a new ocean series.

Your Immersions™ Subscription Plan Includes access To TWO versions for total flexibility.

  • Immersions™ full-length experiences provide from approximately 35 minutes to more than an hour of nature’s delight. Immersions are perfect for relaxation and activities where you don’t have to worry about time constraints or falling asleep if you wish.
  • Visions™ 15-minute experiences provide a gentle reminder chime at the 14-minute mark. Visions are perfect for when you have a certain amount of time but don’t want to worry about watching a clock as you immerse yourself.


Access lifelike immersive environments any time, any place and any way you want! Immersions™ are designed to be where you are at and add to the experience of your lifestyle.

Predictability is built in too. Your subscription price will never change for as long as you remain  actively subscribed.


Life Environments Immersive Audio

Experience It For Yourself…

Experience our lifelike sound technology first-hand…

Experience a new day on the farm. Hear birds in all directions as leaves sizzle in the breeze gently from above. Close your eyes and let your mind’s eye wander and become immersed in a healthy experience available as only Life Environments can deliver them. Enjoy 77 seconds of a New Day!


Non-Noise Canceling Headphones or Ear Buds Required.


In the News…

Science is revealing nature’s many impacts on human health and wellness.

Here are some of the latest stories…

How Breath-Control Can Change Your Life: A Systematic Review on Psycho-Physiological Correlates of Slow Breathing – National Institutes of Health


Life Environments Immersive Audio

Want to Learn More About Your Brain on Nature?

Immersive Nature Audio by Life Environments

National Geographic explains the human/nature connection with wonderful clarity. Florence Williams’, This Is Your Brain on Nature, is a wonderful introduction into the world of the human/nature connection, why it’s important and what it means to each of us!

Click on the cover to the right to discover the exciting discoveries being made between nature’s experience and the human condition. 

May require a National Geographic subscription.

Life Environments Immersive Audio

Introducing stress-relieving Immersions™ and the wellness benefits of controlled breathing.

Coming July 1, 2022

Life Environments Immersive Audio

Combine the benefits of guided breathing with the stress relieving powerf of nature’s experience with your lifestyle! 

Life Environments Immersive Audio

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