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Have you ever wondered why you feel better when you’re in nature? There’s a reason for that – it’s your brain on nature. Research has shown nature’s experience de-stresses us, makes us more relaxed, healthier, smarter, happier and nicer - naturally. Unfortunately, more than 80% of all Americans don’t spend enough time in nature, and the impacts on wellness are profound.

The human/nature connection is an essential element of human cognitive, psychological and physical health and wellness. Nature provides not only great exercise opportunities, but it also interacts with your brain in healthy ways that regulate critical human biological processes. But, what do you do when nature’s simply too inconvenient or not close?

Life Environments are specially developed therapeutic audio experiences that center you in lifelike natural environments in special ways. Originally developed to help patients achieve better clinical outcomes with fewer drugs, Life Environments stimulates your brain in specific ways that reduce stress, anxiety and their impacts while enhancing what refreshes and rejuvenates you safely, effectively and naturally. In as few as five minutes most people report significant stress reduction and an improved sense of wellbeing. Traditional nature recordings simply can’t do what Life Environments can. It’s time to take control of your anxiety and stress with smarter, safer, more natural thinking.

It’s time for Life Environments.

We're using nature's experience to calm and refresh your days and nights naturally, safely and effectively. With Life Environments™ you can leverage nature's best cognitive benefits any time, any place and in any way you want. Click on the applications below to learn more and listen to a sample.

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