Life Environments – Making Life Better with Nature

Now you can use mother nature's experience to de-stress and refresh any time, any place and any way you like!

Listen. De-stress. Refresh. Rejuvenate. Live Better.

Reduce anxiety and stress and be refreshed naturally and safely!

Life Environments™ audio uses nature to inhibit anxiety, stress and many effects of depression while increasing those things that make you feel better, sharper and happier naturally. In as few as 5-10 minutes, you will begin feeling more refreshed and rejuvenated!

Getting started is easy! Get comfy. Grab your headphones or earbuds. Select your environment.  Immersive yourself. Enjoy the experience. Get Refreshed. It’s just that simple!

Improve cognitive performance and feel more refreshed!

Do you know that human performance is a brain thing. Nature influences our brains profoundly. While science can’t explain all of the reasons, we’ve learning more every day.

Spending time in nature refreshes us, makes us happier, nicer and smarter. Nature also significantly improves focus, performance and our ability to solve problems, create solutions and make decisions. That’s why we call it "Vitamin N!"

Get a more restful sleep mother nature's way!

Life Environments’ lifelike 360-degree audio place you in the center of amazing lifelike environments that stimulate you and your brain in healthy ways. It’s the difference between hearing a 1-dimensional stream with traditional audio versus being there in person with Life Environments™.

If you’re simply looking to escape a hectic day or enter a more restful sleep to wake up more refreshed and rejuvenated, Life Environments™ delivers the ultimate solution.

Cognitive wellness has never been easier or smarter.

Any time. Any place. Any Way.

Nothing beats a walk along the beach. But when getting there is inconvenient or impossible, Life Environments™ is the next best thing!

Life Environments refreshes and rejuvenates in ways simple nature recordings can't. Now you have nature's healthiest cognitive benefits any time, any place and any way you like!

Proven Technology

Life Environments™ uses nature's experience to inhibit anxiety, stress and the effects of depression while increasing those areas of your brain that make you feel better, smarter and happier - safely!

Now you can use the same advanced technology designed for hospitals, clinical and healthcare environments any time, any place and any way you like!

Simple. Easy. Safe. Effective.

Simply listen. We'll do the heavy lifting. Simply get your headphones or earbuds. Choose your experience. Relax and become immersed in beautiful 360-degree spaces that reduce anxiety and stress as they increase those things that make you feel better in as few as 5 minutes!.

It's really that easy! Wellness has never been more delightful!

Your brain on nature. It's smarter. It's healthier. It's better.

It's simple: our brains are genetically linked to mother nature. Science has proven the profound ways mother nature influences our minds, behaviors, performance and even our happiness. Life with nature is better. We’re more relaxed, smarter, nicer and happier with it. The problem is more than 80% of us don’t get enough nature - and the results are significantly increased levels of anxiety, stress, depression and disease.

Life Environments is new audio technology that interferes with anxiety and stress while enhancing the parts of your brain that makes you feel better. It begins by placing you within lifelike 3D environments in ways traditional audio simply can’t. All you need are stereo headphones or earbuds, an Internet-connected mobile device and your Life Environments subscription to benefit from mother nature’s experience any time, any place and any way you like!

Learn more! Click on the National Geographic cover above to explore their story of your brain on nature.

Ready to experience a taste of Life Environments?

This example requires the use of headphones or earbuds to experience true lifelike 360-degree audio.

Grab your headphones or earbuds and listen this brief taster of Life Environments lifelike surround audio technology and a smattering of our experiences.

Please lower the volume and adjust to lifelike levels. Watch the screen for audio level cues.


So, what are you waiting for?

On July 1, Life Environments will become available to consumers worldwide!

If you would like to reserve your annual subscription today, you'll receive a special discount of more than 50% off our regular price for an individual subscription!