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Refresh! Complete fuses advanced knowledge with new technologies that allow you to manage anxiety and stress with unparalleled ease, safety, and effectiveness. Engaging training. Stress-inhibiting technology. Ease of Use. 100% natural. No drugs. The most effective and smartest cognitive wellness solution today.

Refresh! Complete™ is a pioneering new cognitive health and wellness program that fuses new medical insights, advanced technology, ease of use, and mother nature’s experience to inhibit anxiety and stress and increase your senses of well-being and contentment naturally and safely. The end result is a healthier, smarter, and more content you - your best you!

The Refresh! Complete™ cognitive wellness program  leverages a dual-approach model that makes improving cognitive health and wellness both easy, fun, and refreshing! It starts with actionable insights that helps you understand anxiety and stress in understandable and actionable ways that you can put to use today. Our program also includes our legendary therapeutic aural Immersions™ that stimulate your brain in healthy ways that inhibit anxiety and stress and their impacts while also refreshing you naturally using nature’s experience as you’ve never experienced it. Better yet, you will see results starting within minutes – anytime, anyplace, and any way you want! And with continuing support, ideas, and insights, you’re only steps away from living a life you love!

Refresh! Complete is a cognitive health and wellness solution that’s 100% safe, natural, affordable, easy to use, and highly effective.

Easy. Enjoyable. Effective.

The Life Environments Refresh! Complete™ program uses an effective common-sense approach you’re going to love.

It all starts with our book/course - Refreshed!™. Cognitive wellness expert Ian Breck explores and exposes anxiety, stress, and the keys to building a life in fascinating and understandable new ways you can put to work immediately.

Refresh! Immersions™ provides powerfully stimulating experiences as they place you in the center of stunning natural spaces that engage your brain in ways that amaze while inhibiting anxiety and stress and enhancing your senses of well-being and contentment naturally and safely. From killing stress to shaping your days and nights, Refresh! Immersions™ provide an unforgettable experience you're going to use every day!

Refreshed! Living™ extends our Refreshed! course with new insights, ideas, and inspiration twice annually - a must have!

Wellness built around your lifestyle.

Life Environments Refresh! Complete™ is a flexible cognitive wellness solution that you make your own. We provide the tools. You fit them into your life. The real power behind Refreshed! is that its advanced thinking and technology are designed to be put to work in your own life how you want it! Once you complete your Refreshed! course, you build what you've learned into an actionable  plan that will shape your life in magical and healthy new ways - at every age and stage of life!

So, what are you waiting for?

Our insight + clinically-proven technology + your imagination...

Refresh! is designed to be used when, where, and how you need it. The Refresh! approach isn’t about rigid adherence - it's about having powerful tools you can use to build a life you love! Refresh! provides the core scientific understandings, techniques, clinically-proven stress interruption technology, and science-based strategies you can use to manage stress smarter and shape your life’s experience better. By the end of the course, you will deign and create your own personal cognitive wellness strategy that can be expanded upon indefinitely.

How you use Refresh! is up to you! Create personal strategies for all types of stress including daily escapes, “you-time,” getting more restful sleep, or simply melting away stress in the middle of your day to name only a few. With Refresh! your possibilities are truly endless.

It's time to discover the best you!

Life with less anxiety and stress is so much healthier, happier, and better - and it's something you can achieve. Life Environments Refresh! helps you break the back of anxiety and stress naturally - it's easier than you think. It begins with knowledge and doing what you already love to do more often. Sound easy? It is! From that point you will begin shaping your life and its experience in new and exciting ways. Refresh! uses a balanced approach that helps you feel better about yourself and building a life you love. All of this is available in a simple-to-use, enjoyable, and effective program you’re going to love!

It's time to take back control of your life and begin reshaping life's experience in ways that get you back to where you're most content. It's possible and Life Environments Refresh! can help get you there!

Life Refresh! Complete

Refresh! is now available as a complete program designed around your needs and life. Refresh! Complete includes a year of Refresh! Immersions - our legendary stress-melting immersive experiences, Refreshed! – our stress management program by cognitive expert Ian Breck, and Refreshed! Living – our bi-annual online subscription that extends Ian’s book twice a year, provides insights, ideas, and explores healthier and smarter living choices you’ll absolutely love!


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National Geographic explains the human/nature connection with wonderful clarity. Florence Williams', This Is Your Brain on Nature, is a wonderful introduction into the world of the human/nature connection, why it's important and what it means to each of us!

Feeling nerdly?

If you want to get your cognitive geek on, we understand how you feel. Visit our Deeper Knowledge page to explore more important resources that will help you understand more about cognitive wellness.

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