Life Environments Refresh!™ : : Take back control of life from anxiety and stress nature’s way!

Living a life you love starts by
redefining your relationship with anxiety, stress and fear.

Meet Refreshed!

Life Environments Refresh!™ is a wellness program for people seeking a balanced and natural approach for better living with less stress and its dangerous impacts while enhancing what makes life more exciting, meaningful and special.

Refresh! is rooted in science and created with insights from leading cognitive experts, physicians and universities. Refresh! provides critical insights to help you change your relationship with stress and leverage Mother Nature’s potent cognitive influence to reset your brain’s response to stress using deep stimulation - without drugs, supplements or gimmicks. It's an experience you're going to love!

Refresh! makes building a life you love simple, safe, effective and enjoyable!

Stress shapes your life's experience profoundly.
It's time to do some shaping of your own.


Anxiety, stress and fear are natural and healthy responses to life – until they become uncontrolled. When this happens, it's not a sign of mental illness. It’s a sign life is pushing you beyond your design limits. What's important is to take back the control of your life from stress before it becomes damaging your mind, body and life experience.

Unmanaged stress shapes life's experience and is the leading cause of death in humans. The anxiety, stress and fear you’re feeling right now is more dangerous than you think. They make you feel miserable, destroy life’s experience and open pathways to disease processes. Do you know almost every disease, condition, and syndrome lists stress as a causal or aggravating factor? It’s true. The problem is drugs simply don’t work and aren't recommended by an increasing number of universities and the National Institutes of Health as a primary treatment. It's time for smarter thinking.

Refresh! helps you redefine your relationship with stress in safe, healthy and effective ways. Now you can de-stress and rejuvenate naturally, safely and effectively and enjoy the entire process!

Cognitive health and wellness made simple.

Being your best is challenging today. Refresh! combines the latest science, expert insight, and advanced technology into one simple, safe and effective program that will reveal the happiest, smartest, healthiest and best you!

Simple. Safe. Effective. Delightful.


Our customers often comment that their Refresh! experience is “delightful!” There's a reason for that. Making cognitive wellness part of your lifestyle is a fascinating experience that allows you to explore your life, refine it in small ways, and start creating a lifestyle you love. Perhaps our most loved feature is that you decide how you want to use Refreshed!

Unmask what stress really is and start building a life you love with Refreshed! - our highly acclaimed life course. Understanding stress smarter allows you to become creative with it. Refreshed!, our exclusive life course by our cognitive wellness expert and director of knowledge sciences, Ian Breck, delivers the clarity you need to minimize stress' devastating impacts and provide the actionable foundations you need to start building a life you love.

Stop the health impacts of stress immediately with Immersions 2™. Refresh! Immersions 2 therapeutic audio experiences help you destress and rejuvenate your days and nights safely and effectively using nature’s experience in exciting new ways. Immersions™ aren’t traditional nature recordings. They are created using proprietary technology that short-circuits your brain's response to stress by leveraging many the cognitive benefits of nature's experience any time, any place, and any way you like - even when nature's no place to be found. Best of all, you simply sit back, relax and listen! Mother Nature does the heavy lifting.

Get inspired with Doc Happy! Each week, our Dear Doc Happy™ podcast series delivers fascinating insights, inspiration, and joy in fun 5-minute distractions you're going to love. Starting January 31, 2020. Premier access to this fascinating podcast series is included with every product we sell.

Use Refresh! your way! Use one element or all of them to manage stress your way! Each element accomplishes different things. Refresh! has been created for the speed of your life.

Listen. Be transformed.

When first listening to an Immersions 2™ audio experience, most wonder how they can hear sounds above, behind, in front of, below and all places between when they're wearing stereo headphones that introduce sound only into their ears. Is it magic? Actually, there's a great deal of Hollywood magic, physiology, neurology and physics at work to deliver a live experience you and your brain will love. Immersions 2™ experiences leverage exclusive audio technology that centers you within Mother Nature’s most amazing spaces in ways that resets and refreshes your brain in predictable, safe and healthy ways. Traditional media recordings simply can’t do this.

Immersions 2™ aural experiences stimulate your brain in many of the same ways live nature does. This unique response triggers healthy responses believed to reset and balance important areas of your brain. By leveraging the known relationship between nature's experience and the human brain, Immersions 2™ delivers powerful stress inhibition that's safer and more effective than prescription medications (for most people), questionable gimmicks, dubious supplements, or quackery. Each experience is clinically tested and approved. Perhaps their best feature is you simply sit back and listen!

Immersions 2™ is a new audio experience (and thinking) you're going to love!

It's time to rediscover life beyond the lens of stress.

Life with less anxiety and stress is so much healthier, happier, and better - and it's something you can achieve.
  Refresh! helps you break the back of stress naturally – and that's just the beginning of your next chapter.

Let’s face it, sticking to a plan is hard. Refresh! makes it easy. Whether you want the fast and healthy rejuvenating experience of Immersions 2 therapeutic audio experiences or are ready to begin changing your relationship with anxiety and stress forever with the Refreshed! life course by Ian Breck, we’ve got you covered. Let's do this.

Refresh!™ provides powerful and practical approaches that allow you to start building a life you love. It's time to take back control of life and begin reshaping its experience in ways that reveal your best you. Play the video below to learn more!

What our customers are saying.


Is Immersions™ like Calm?

We receive quite a few questions asking how we compare to the popular Calm app.

The Calm app is used to facilitate an aspect of meditation called mindfulness – and it’s not a bad or harmful product. In fact, we like it!

Life Environments Immersions™ is different. Immersions™ are therapeutic aural experiences that leverage mother nature’s experience in specific ways to de-stress and refresh you naturally, effectively and safely. Where Calm helps you achieve mindfulness through meditation, Immersions™ experiences inhibits specific areas of your brain (in delightfully interactive ways) that inhibits anxiety and stress while simultaneously enhancing those areas that drive your senses of well-being and contentment. It's a balanced approach that's healthy, effective and safe - something no other company can claim.

So, can Calm and Immersions™ be used together? Absolutely! While the two provide different mechanisms of action, the combination is a win-win for those using them – and a significant leap forward in stress management journeys.


Want to learn more about your brain on nature?

National Geographic explains the human/nature connection with wonderful clarity. Florence Williams', This Is Your Brain on Nature, is a wonderful introduction into the world of the human/nature connection, why it's important and what it means to each of us!