Yoga with Life Environments Refresh!™


Yoga is simply better with Mother Nature.


What a novel idea! Yoga simply doesn't get any better than this - unless you're actually in nature itself, of course!.



So, what’s the big deal?

Yoga is a wonderful and healthy practice that does so many things for your body and mind. By reducing activity in the sympathetic nervous system, the meditation aspect of yoga is one of the few activities that can help offset the damaging effects and the body’s stress response – specifically inhibiting cortisol levels and release.

Immersions 2™ introduces powerful audio experiences that provide unparalleled 360-degree sound that is a pleasure to hear, but also works with your brain in ways that inhibits anxiety, stress, and fear within minutes. What’s most unique is that Immersions 2™ experiences place you in the center of exceptional environments that are not only healthy but also expand your meditation to some of the most beautiful spaces – when they’re no place near where you are!

Introducing Immersions 2™ experiences to your yoga sessions will allow you to explore new worlds of mindfulness and being wherever, whenever, and how ever you like. You will also enjoy the experience of performing yoga in some of the world’s most fascinating places – when they’re nowhere close! What’s not to love about that?



How Immersions 2™ experiences improve the yoga experience.

The healthy benefits of nature are profound. We’re less stressed, happier, healthier, smarter, and nicer when in nature. The problem is nature is nowhere to be found in our increasingly hectic lives. Immersions 2™ experiences allow you to incorporate mother nature’s cognitive benefits any time, any place and any way your yoga sessions take you. Thanks to ultra-lifelike experiences, you can perform yoga by the ocean, in a forest, under the stars, or wherever our aural experiences take you – and we’re adding even more lifelike experiences all the time. When you introduce Immersions 2™ experiences to your yoga routine, you’re getting the best of both worlds – and likely even faster and more deeply than with either alone.

Now you can get your yoga on by the ocean, in a forest, or by a stream any time, any place and any way life finds you!



Using Immersions 2™ experiences for yoga.

It’s time for a quick Immersions 2™ session. In as few as five minutes you will begin noticing stress vanishing and refreshing feelings emerging. We suggest a minimum of 10 minutes, but you can listen for as long as you want.

Before you begin...

Secure your area. Safety is always your first consideration. Select an area where you won’t be harmed by wearing headphones are earbuds and unable to hear your environment. Never be in a position where another can be harmed by your inattentiveness. As you might expect, never listen to Immersions 2™ experiences while driving any vehicle or operating machinery.



Calibrate FIRST!

IMPORTANT! Always calibrate your listening device volume FIRST! Before listening to any experience, you must set audio levels properly before listening to any and every experience to protect your ears from damage.

Please refer to the CORE Immersions 2™ User's Guide for detailed instructions about calibration. 


Immersions 2™ experiences for yoga.

Once you have prepared for your yoga class, simply select the Immersions 2™ experience you want to explore. Immersions 2™ experiences are typically from 45-60 minutes in duration. Start from the beginning or at time points you have identified.

It’s important to use wireless hearing devices for convenience, flexibility, and safety. You will still be able to hear class direction in most cases but may not depending on audio listening levels.

So, there you have it – a quick way to start your yoga session perfectly! Next, we’ll cover using Immersions 2™ experiences .


Setting up Immersions 2™ experiences.


Never use Immersions 2™ technology while operating machinery or when you are in a place where your undivided attention is required for your or others personal safety!  Only use this technology when you are in a place where you can relax without fear of personal harm or harm to others.

Immersions 2™ experiences are intended for adult usage only. Never use this technology on children or any individual with condition(s) that might be triggered or made worse by listening to active audio experiences.

Headphones or Earbuds. Since we’re talking about sleep here, you should only use wireless headphone or earbud technology to reduce risk of physical harm. Wired audio listening technology should never be used for sleep applications. We recommend Bluetooth® wireless technology for greatest clarity when sleep is an issue.

Don't use noise-cancelling technology. Never use noise-cancelling headphones or earbuds because they will cancel out critical frequency information from Life Environments technology.

If you suffer from a motion, neurological or psychiatric condition, whether diagnosed or not, refer to your physician before using this product.


What you'll need.

Headphones or earbuds.  Headphones will deliver higher quality experiences than earbuds due to their ability to transmit more audio frequencies. Always use noise-isolating instead of noise-cancelling headphones. We test all experiences using Audio-Technica ATH-M50X headphones. These can be purchased for less than $150. These are excellent headphones. More expensive phones won't necessarily deliver a higher quality experience. However, far less expensive headphones can offer a delightful experience as well. Learn more about headphones and earbuds here...

For the nerds among you, we recommend headphones with a frequency response of 15 - 28,000 Hz for the greatest dynamics range. That being said, 20 - 22,000 Hz dynamic range headphones deliver acceptable experiences.

Internet-Enabled Device. You can use your Internet-enabled phone, tablet, pc or other device., as long as it is capable of broadcasting your Internet audio to your hearing device you use for your headphones or earbuds.

Your Life Environments Immersions 2™ subscription. Access your Life Environments Immersions 2™ subscription, sign in and select the experience you want. It’s just that easy!


Let's go!

Once you’re set up, it’s time to do the hard part – get your chi on!




  • Life Environments Immersions 2™ experiences require quality headphones or earbuds to deliver lifelike experiences. Contact with your head is an essential element of the experience. Loudspeakers cannot replicate the therapeutic Life Environments experience.
  • Never use noise-canceling technology. It removes essential Life Environments frequencies and eliminates much of the experience.
  • Never use wired headphones or earbuds when sleep is involved.
  • Never use Immersions 2™ experiences when you are sleeping near a baby or small child.
  • Be careful with earbuds around pets or children. They are expensive choking hazards. If possible, get models with a lanyard between the earbuds and place them in a secure and safe location when done.
  • Never have the volume of your headphones or earbuds so high you cannot hear others or smoke, CO2, security or other alarms in your home.
  • Use common sense! Understand your environments and the potential threats to you or others when you are unable to hear or see. If in doubt, don't!


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