Life Environments – Using Immersions 2™

Putting Life Environments Immersions 2™ to work is easy!


Getting started on the right foot...

Using Immersions 2 experiences is as simple as:

    1. Finding a safe place to refresh yourself,
    2. Putting on your earphones or earbuds, and
    3. Immersing yourself in nature’s experience.



What you’ll need.



An Internet-connected device. You will need an Internet-connected device like your cell phone, tablet, computer or other Internet-linked device.

Headphones or earbuds. Learn more about listening device selection by clicking here.

Many people prefer wireless headphones and ear buds. Bluetooth® wireless technology is generally superior to all but the highest quality Radio Frequency (RF) devices.

Your Life Environments™ subscription. This is the easy part! Simply log into your account on your Internet-connected device and select your experience.



To get the most out of your Immersions 2™ experience, a minimum of 10 minutes should be set aside. While some customers report de-stressing in as few as 5 minutes, we find 10-30 minutes the optimal range for most people for both experiencing and reinforcing your experience.


A Safe Place

You can enjoy Life Environments™ virtually anywhere, any time and any way you like. This starts with finding a safe place for you and others. At your desk, in a chair, sofa or resting in your bed is just fine in most cases.



Simply listen.

Sit back and immerse yourself in wonderful environments. Allow your mind’s eye to explore and wonder through each experience and enjoy the journey.  Each experience provides unique experiences that stimulate your brain in ways it loves. More importantly, you are the one who determines the outcome of your experience. If you’re looking to refresh your day or prepare for a meeting, go into your session with those thoughts in mind. That same experience can also help you achieve a more restful sleep, if that’s your objective. This phenomenon is similar to looking to where you want to be when your car is sliding on snow or ice, or when a motorcyclist looks to where they want to end up after a turn. Our bodies respond automatically in ways that usually help us end up close to where we want to be.

If you have a limited time, most devices, including iPhones®, allow you to set an alarm that will alert you once a specific period has elapsed. Simply choose a tone that will not shock you, but significantly different from your Life Environments™ experience. In most cases, your alarm will override your experience to remind you gently your time has elapsed. You can also subscriber to Visions™ Immersions.  Visions™ are timed 15-minute experiences with a gentle reminder at the 14 minute point.


Immersions 2 audio technology delivers a lifelike 360 degree experience that may be disorientating to some people.

This may result in vertigo or balance concerns for some. This effect is more pronounced when you are moving as your brain responds to conflicting spatial stimulation.


Never listen to Life Environments experiences at any location where you or others can be harmed from your inattention or lack of awareness. Never use

Life Environments experiences when driving or operating machinery or in places where you or others could be harmed by not being able to hear and respond appropriately to environmental stimulus.

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