Visions™ Monthly Subscription

Get the power of Immersions™ in convenient 15-minute timed sessions!

Life Environments Visions™ are predictable 15-minute long immersions that place you in the center of nature. At 14 minutes, a gentle reminder alerts you to upcoming end of the session.

Life Environments Visions™ are perfect for meditation, yoga, exercise, taking a break at work, or any activity you want a perfectly time-managed cognitive refreshment solution!

You need only a set of non-noise-canceling headphones or quality earbuds, an Internet-connected device, and a few moments to start feeling less stress and more refreshed naturally!

It’s time to take back control of your life and living with Refresh! Visions.


$9.99 per month

Auto-billed monthly


Once your purchase has been completed and processed, you may access your subscription by logging into your account then accessing the Account>Visions™ Console Access menu option.

Visions!™by Life Environments is available to customers worldwide.

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