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Refreshed! – The Cognitive Health and Wellness Masterclass™ by Ian Breck is the definitive fine living resources that’s being used by more than 12,000 people right now! This masterclass combines a fascinating read, an intense yet empowering life course, and a frank conversation about the number one killer of humans and their life experiences – and building a life without it. In this masterclass, Ian lays open stress in a fascinating and easy-to-understand tête-à-tête that’s relatable, informative, and delightful. You will discover what stress really is, how it comes to life, what it does to your body, and how you can beat it – and yes, you really can beat it! By the end of this masterclass, you will not only know how, but you will walk away with an actionable plan you are going to love!

Explore new and never before revealed insights into stress from Ian and some of the world’s leading scientific researchers. You will discover how to short-circuit stress before, during, and after it happens – and minimize its devastating impacts on your mind, body, and your life’s experience once you are experiencing it. Each chapter completes another piece of a highly achievable puzzle that will make your life a better place to be.

Ian’s deep understandings of cognitive science come to life in relatable and understandable conversations designed to inform, awe, and inspire. Ian doesn’t sugar-coat and makes the complex understandable in absorbing ways. He gives you the knowledge, insight, and tools you need to break the back of stress in practical ways that work!

Ian wrote this book to be used, and you’ll be aware of this from almost the very first chapter. By the final chapter, you will have what you know to begin creating a plan to unset anxiety and stress and start living a life you love.

Refreshed! – The Cognitive Health and Wellness Masterclass™ is essential learning for everyone from the age of 12 to 120 should read. It’s a playbook for life and living well in a world where it’s becoming increasingly difficult to thrive and find contentment! 

360 Pages


Refreshed! by Ian Breck is a wonderful, practical and inspirational read filled with helpful facts and tips for those who suffer from anxiety, depression and the, inevitable, stress of life.
From reading the first statement, “Your life is about to change for the better,” you’re hooked. Asking the question, “how?” you’ll quickly begin reading to answer the question with the goal of becoming a better version of you.
Breck gives us a candid view of his life and how it shaped his desire to learn more about the cognitive processing of the human brain. The discoveries he’s made and used in his own life has made him passionate about sharing with others. Read Refreshed! today and you’ll feel you’re not alone in overcoming stress-induced thoughts and overwhelming depressive states in your body leading to lethargy, isolation, and feelings of hopelessness. Act now and learn more about becoming Refreshed!
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A Note from Ian Breck…

The chances are good you’re interested in this book for a reason. Undoubtedly, you want to improve the quality of your life experience. But why? It could be you want to understand and learn how to deal with anxiety, stress, or fear better and smarter. Maybe you want to improve your thinking processes or you’re experiencing troubling signs that your health is diminishing, or your thinking and memory aren’t as good as they once were. Perhaps you’re experiencing high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, anxiety, frustration, skin problems, or any number of other disquieting diseases and conditions. The good news is you’re in the right place. As you’re about to learn, all of these – and almost every other human disease, condition, and syndrome can list stress either as a causal or aggravating factor.

The fact is anxiety, stress, and fear (collectively referred to as stress) changes your body and mind in dangerous and yet often unnoticed ways – its insidious signature. Stress not only diminishes personal performance and life quality; it kills too. The average age of depression onset is now 11 years old in America. The first signs of anxiety are commonly observed by physicians in 5 to 6-year-old children. And yes, scientists have now proved that stress even kills fetuses. Suicide is now the second leading cause of death for youth aged 10-24 years. More teenagers and young adults die from suicide than from cancer, heart disease, AIDS, birth defects, stroke, pneumonia, influenza, and chronic lung disease combined.

Got your attention yet?


The problem with managing stress is that it isn’t the entire story. It’s only a part of it.

Conventional thinking and traditional therapy have always treated stress as a psychiatric dysfunction – and sometimes even a mental illness. It’s neither. This is where most make costly mistakes that diminish life quality and sometimes life itself begin. The truth is stress doesn’t live alone; it’s part of a much larger and more complex picture. While stress and its impacts can be overwhelming, dealing with it has proven notoriously difficult and drug interventions haven’t been particularly successful. This is why you don’t hear psychologists and psychiatrists talk about “cures.” However, when you address stress within the context of your overall life experience, things change profoundly.

The fact is stress doesn’t live alone. It lives within the context of your knowledge, your diet, your activities, your career, your environments, your family, those you hang with, and even your own behaviors. In other words, life’s experience. While we were researching stress, we identified something that changed everything: you can’t improve stress without improving the neighborhood it lives in. If you want to change stress, you must change what drives it. How this is accomplished is part of the magic of human design – and it’s something you’re about to discover.

Life Environments is a life sciences company that’s focusing on life’s most challenging problems using hard science, innovative technology, and thinking differently. We’ve learned that when you manage stress differently, radically improved outcomes are possible. We call this approach cognitive wellness, and we’ve made our knowledge and insights accessible through a program called Life Environments Refresh! It’s changing the way people think, perform, and live every day and is being adopted by world-class organizations, individuals – and hopefully you!

So, how does cognitive wellness work? In a nutshell, cognitive wellness gives your mind and body what they crave while eliminating what inhibits them from doing what they do best. Sounds simple right? Actually, it is – at least for the roles you play. What takes place in the background is quite another story.

Here’s what you need to know about cognitive wellness and the Refresh! approach. It’s simple. It’s enjoyable. It’s immediately rewarding. It’s healthy. It’s safe. Most importantly, it’s highly effective for most people.

Here’s what you need to do it. A little bit if time. A commitment to thinking differently and a willingness to experiment a bit. A desire to make your life a better place to be.

Here’s what you’ll receive for your efforts. An improved life experience you’ll love with much less stress and far more contentment.

Sounds like a big promise to make, right? Actually, it’s your body and mind that will reward you most. You see, they do the heavy lifting in your life. You simply need to clear the way and provide the inspiration. And, yes, when done properly, it’s a difference you’ll notice almost immediately – I  can promise this.

So, what’s in reading this book for you? Lots. This book will introduce you to cognitive wellness and provide what you need to begin a journey to a smarter and healthier you – today. You will discover stress, what it is, how it works, how it harms you, and the surprising ways you can minimize and possibly even eliminate a great deal of it altogether. You will discover the numerous ways you cause your own problems and how to defeat self-defeating behaviors. You will also learn how to short-circuit anxiety, stress, and fear before, during, and after it has occurred in some breathtaking ways. You will then discover more about the joy of building a life you love. Whether you’re 10 or 100, this book has been designed to provide a perfect starting point for taking back control of your life and health by improving those things that influence life most in smarter and more effective ways. You’ll feel different – smarter, happier, healthier, and better.

I know what you’re thinking – all of this seems like a great deal to pack in a comparatively short book. It is. However, I’ve chosen to make this more conversation than dissertation. Neither of us needs or enjoys that. The format is conversational and easy to understand – it’s just us. This book is devoid of technical jargon, grandstanding, and science-speak except when necessary. While I do explain several important medical aspects in greater detail for the med-nerds among us, I’ve kept sidebars to a minimum and use them only when necessary for clarification.

I will reinforce your knowledge and challenge your thinking along the way. At the end of most chapters, you’ll find questions that not only increase your knowledge, but serve as a foundation for your personal cognitive wellness strategy.

As you are about to discover, this book is about thinking differently – and smarter. This book is about you!

Ian Breck


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