Immersions 2™ Annual Subscription




The perfect addition for your meditation, relaxation, exercise – or simply a break from life.


Immersions 2™ audio backgrounds deliver an exceptionally immersive background that perfectly compliments your health and wellness routines. And because each lifelike surround experience is engineered to interact with your brain in many of the same ways nature’s experience does, the stress-breaking and cognitive refreshment benefits make any routine smarter and healthier.

Your subscription includes 1 year of unlimited access to at least seven (7) FULL length immersions 2™ experiences ranging from 39 to more than 60 minutes to use when, where, and how you like!

All you need is a set of non-noise canceling headphones or earbuds (learn more here), an Internet-connected device, and your Immersions 2™ subscription to get started. It’s just that simple!

$149.99 / year

$12.50 per month – $149.99 billed annually.


Once your purchase has been completed and processed, you may access your subscription by logging into your account then accessing the Account>Access Immersions™ Experiences menu option.

Refresh!™ Immersions 2 by Life Environments is available to customers worldwide.

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