Refresh! Immersions 2 CORE for TEAMS!

Immersions 2™ CORE therapeutic aural technology is an essential element of any cognitive wellness effort today. Now implementing and managing it within your group or company just became much easier!

Life Environments TEAMS!™ is a Life Environments Immersions 2™ subscription manager for groups and organizations. TEAMS! makes managing the Immersions 2™ subscribers in your team, group, department or company simple, convenient, predictable and flexible.

TEAMS allows you to…

  • Manage your Immersions 2™ CORE subscribers from a central location.
  • Invite new Immersions 2™ CORE members easily using links or email addresses.
  • TEAMS! automatically handles all onboarding – just provide the email address and TEAMS! does the rest.
  • Assign managers to manage team members.
  • Users can self-manage.
  • Owners and managers easily add, edit and delete subscribers.
  • Never lose a subscription because it’s not being used. Simply assign a new subscriber in place of a non-active one.
  • Subscribers enjoy unlimited access to Immersion 2™ stress management and rejuvenation technology.
  • Enjoy single-point centralized billing.


Immersions 2 Annual TEAMS! Subscription

Minimum 25 seats

Number of Seats:


Refresh!™ Immersions 2 TEAMS! by Life Environments is available to customers worldwide.


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