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The Life Environments 10-Day Cognitive Health and Wellness Challenge


It’s simple: living with less anxiety and stress frees you to live a healthier, happier and more productive life. Managing stress smarter and building a life you love begins with expert knowledge, some simple tools and a serious desire to change your relationship with anxiety and stress. Life can be better starting in only a few days. All you need is you!

The Life Environments 10-Day Challenge is a clinically-developed and physician-approved program that provides the critical insight and tools you need to manage stress smarter, more effectively and permanently! It’s not voodoo, drug-based or a gimmick. It’s based on pure science and the scientists at Life Environments have developed a simple but effective program that introduces you to a proven strategy that will help you change your relationship with anxiety and stress in remarkable ways.

If you’ve ever wanted to reset your life, today is your day!

Important: Your 10-Day Challenge requires 2 days of reading prior to your 10 days of discovery and challenges for a total of 12 days overall.

You have 15 days from the date of your purchase to complete your challenge by default. You can optionally choose 30 days to complete your challenge. To do so, please select the 30-day completion period option when ordering to the right.


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