What’s happening in Fishers, Indiana with 5G is Coming to Your Neighborhood – Like It or Not.

The FCC and some state governments are legally stealing your choice, your voice and possibly the lives of you and your family with dangerous 5G small cell tower placements.


It is the position of Life Environments Life Sciences not to engage publicly in political conversations. However, sometimes you simply have to stand up and shout out. Many communities are experiencing a potentially dangerous implementation of the FCC’s 5G Plan and we are deeply concerned. The FCC egregiously and purposefully has set out to ignore and even outright ban the human and environmental safety considerations of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) when determining 5G Small Cell tower placement in communities across America – often times placing potentially dangerous small cell towers only tens of feet from homes and buildings. 

It’s time to stand up and shout out about this dangerous overreach. Become educated about 5G and learn why scientists worldwide are sounding alarms that are being ignored to our peril. Contact your community leaders and legislators and voice your concerns. It's time to take a stand against the FCC’s overreach and legislation like Indiana's SB213 that legislatively silences the voices of concerned citizens - legislation made possible by governors and legislators whose campaigns received contributions from AT&T, Sprint and Verizon..

The letter below was written by our CEO to Mayor Scott Fadness of Fishers, Indiana on November 20, 2020. It was ignored. We invite you to read it, download it, learn from it, and share it with people you know any way you can. Most importantly, explore this topic for yourself and become more informed and learn what you can do in your own community. Stand up and shout out to protect your voice, your choice and the lives in your community today!

Thank you,
Life Environments Life Sciences


Indiana State Senator JD Ford (D-Indianapolis) has stepped up to introduce legislation into committee that gives homeowners more say pertaining to where towers are placed in communities.  It's certainly not perfect and still far from what's needed to protect the safety of those near 5G small cell towers, but it's refreshing to see a responsible politician taking up the fight for his constituents in Indiana.


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