Resperis™ – Breathing Easier About Stubborn High Blood Pressure.

Resperis Controlled Breathing for Lowering Blood Pressure by Life Environments

Resperis™ – Controlled Breathing for Cardiovascular Wellness


Hypertension and stroke are significant concerns for many today and represents the leading causes of death worldwide. The problem, according to a Dutch study, is that more than 80% of all those seeking help for stubborn hypertension don’t tolerate anti-hypertensive drugs well and stop taking their medications altogether.

Luckily, there may be hope for those struggling with stubborn high blood pressure – and it’s well tolerated by anyone who breathes! Research have shown controlled breathing offers compelling cardiovascular benefits including reducing hypertension and reducing the risk of stroke. The United States National Institutes of Health and Library of Medicine have cited numerous clinical studies that support the idea that guided breathing lowers blood pressure and reduces other cardiovascular risks.

Life Environments is pleased to announce our new guided breathing series that combines the unmatched stress-relieving and refreshing properties of our Visions™ series aural experiences with guided breathing guidance.

How Resperis™ Works

Each Resperis™ immersive audio experience leverages nature’s experience (using our LESA-1 lifelike audio technology) to begin inhibiting your body’s response to stress while refreshing you naturally and safely. Resperis™ includes gentle breathing cues to help you focus your breathing on your specified target breath-per-minute rate ranging from 5-12 breaths per minute.


What You Need

Resperis™ is a simple audio immersion you listen to using headphones or earbuds.


When You Can Get It

Subscriptions will become available on March 10, 2022.

Questions and Answers about Life Environments Resperis™


Does Resperis™ really lower blood pressure?

No. Resperis™ is not a medical device. However, controlled breathing has been shown to reduce blood pressure significantly for many.  And if you’re one of the many who suffer from stubborn hypertension and don’t tolerate drugs well, controlled breathing may be a safe alternative to lower your blood pressure.

Resperis™ provides a de-stressing and refreshing experience coupled with a breathing framework to help you focus on your breathing rate and not the clock.

What makes Resperis™ breathing different?

Resperis™ leverages two technologies to provide a stress and anxiety inhibiting effect and guided breathing at multiple rates that enables a double approach to reducing blood pressure and the impacts of stress and anxiety. No other product offers this capability. 

Should I speak to my physician first?

If you suffer from hypertension, vascular, or any other disease, you should speak with your physician regarding your practice of controlled breathing – if for nothing else but to establish a base point for future clinical measurement and assessment.

How often should I have Resperis™ breathing sessions?

We suggest starting with one to four 15 minute sessions daily unless your physician advises otherwise.

What breathing rates does Resperis™ support?

Resperis™ supports breathing rates from 5 to 14 breaths per minute with variable inspiration and expiration rates.

I don’t’ suffer hypertension. Can I still use Resperis™ for the advantages of controlled breathing?

Absolutely! Studies have shown that guided breathing has many health benefits among otherwise healthy people. Remember that controlled breathing has been a part of Buddhism since the 6th century BCE.

Can Resperis™ be used with my current meditation, mindfulness, and relaxation practices?

Absolutely! Resperis™ is a natural and perfect addition to your current wellness regimen. Because it cues breathing in gentle and natural ways, it’s a perfect addition to your meditative and mindfulness routines by the wellness experts at Life Environments.

Be Smart…

Life Environments Immersions™, Visions™ and Resperis® products are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice and should not be relied on as health or personal advice. Always seek the guidance of your doctor or other qualified health professional with any questions you may have regarding your health or a medical condition.

Resperis Controlled Breathing for Lowering Blood Pressure by Life Environments

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