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Refreshed! Living is a new online subscription resource intended for readers of Refreshed! by Ian Breck or any of our complete solutions.

Refreshed! Living is produced twice a year and extends our book Refreshed! by Ian Breck with new chapters, insights, and science about living your life to its fullest with cognitive wellness. Each edition covers fascinating topics in more detail than a traditional magazine article and in ways you can put to use right now.

In our December edition, we will be exploring happiness and what it really is. We’ll also explore relationships and what they really are. We also answer questions we receive from other subscribers in greater detail and provide explorations for our readers.

Perhaps one of our favorite areas in testing has been our lifestyle stories which provide unique insights about life and living from some of the world’s most fascinating people.

The goal of Refreshed! Living is to provide fascinating explorations that teach, feel, cause you to think and evolve. It’s a very good idea and we’re excited to produce and provide such an inspiring resource designed for our readers that’s available no place else in the world.

Welcome to Refreshed! Living.

$149 Annual Subscription.

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What does this mean?

The premier issue of Refreshed! Living releases in December to allow for adequate distribution of the Refreshed! book and to allow readers to have had the opportunity to read the book, do its exercises, begin developing their cognitive wellness plan, and start experiencing their plan. Refreshed! Living is designed especially for readers of Refreshed! by Ian Breck.

Refreshed! Living by Life Environments is currently available to customers in most countries.

Learn more…

Have you ever seen a book grow in front of your face?


Well, you’re about to! Refreshed! Living is an exciting way for us to extend our Refreshed! cognitive wellness series for readers wanting to learn more and would otherwise have to wait for another book for years – if ever.

We worked with Ian on this idea and he was all in without reservation. Now you can continue learning from Ian and others while continuing to build a life you love through smarter common-sense thinking, exploration, and just having a wonderful time living life in healthier ways.

Refreshed! Living is new thinking the whole way around. It’s Ian’s brand of down-to-earth science, no holds barred  thinking, constructive ideas, insight, inspiration, and more. In reality, there are not many  rules for the Refreshed! Living team – with the exception of delivering real-world insights that you can put to work in your own life in healthy ways.

In December, we’re going to be exploring happiness. Do you really think you understand it? If you’re like more than 99.8% of all people on Earth, you don’t. December’s Refreshed! Living will change what you know forever – and in a remarkable way!

Welcome to smarter living. Welcome to Refreshed! Living.



What you’ll receive…

  • Starting in December, 1 year (two editions) of unlimited access to Refreshed! Living by Life Environments.


You might think about an  Upgrade to Refresh! Complete™  and also receive…

  • 1 copy of Refreshed! – our complete stress management and life refreshment course that demystifies stress and provides real-world knowledge and tools to manage it effectively and easily!
  • 1 year subscription to Refreshed! Living. Twice annually, employees will discover fascinating new insights, explore ideas about living well, and become inspired from knowledgeable experts in our online resource for smarter cognitive living!




 In December 2019 you will receive access instructions for your Refreshed! Living subscription. Simply follow the directions to access your subscription.


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