Refresh!™ Personal Subscription

Subscription Starts from $99.00 for each 3 months

Refresh your day mother nature’s way!

What’s included…

Never pay more as long as your subscription remains active.

Unlimited access to at least 6 Refresh!™ therapeutic audio experiences. 10 more being added this year!
Create your personal stress management strategy.
Receive Refresh! newsletter six times a year for wellness insights.
Your price never increases as long as you maintain an active subscription.
Pause your subscription twice for up to 30 days!

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Subscription access begins July 1, 2019


When you purchase this product, you will receive Gift Code(s) that will provide a 100% discount for Refresh! Personal to your recipient(s).

  • $50.00 discount on some products


Welcome to Refresh!

Welcome to Refresh! We’re excited you’re ready to begin taking control of stress in smarter and healthier ways!

Once you subscribe, your access to the complete Refresh! system will begin July 1, 2019!


Quarterly or Annual?

Your first decision is determining which subscription plan is right for you, Quarterly or Annual.

Quarterly subscriptions allow you to spread incremental payments of only $99 per quarter. Like all subscriptions, if you keep your subscription active to lock in your rate and never experience a rate increase.

Annual subscriptions offer significant cost savings at just $349 per year -  $50 in annual savings! This is the option most customers choose. Like all subscriptions, keep your subscription active to lock in your rate and never experience a rate increase.


What you get.

Once your subscription is ready, you enjoy a complete system designed to help you take charge and get up and running quickly. You will also become an important part of our team that help us decide on future productions!

  • Unlimited online access to at least 6 Life Environments Refresh!™ therapeutic environments every month - 10 more being added in 2019!
  • Receive Refresh! newsletter six times a year and learn about new wellness insights you can use immediately.
  • Subscription price never increases as long as the subscription remains active.
  • Pause your subscription twice a year for up to 30 days.


What you need.

Life Environments Refresh!™ requires a decent set of headphones or earbuds. Headphones (preferred) offer a superior experience while earbuds may be more convenient in some cases. Many choose both. We’ve made selecting the perfect set for you easy with our easy guide for selecting the best options for you! Click here to explore our guide. (Opens in new window.)

And yes, some time. Your Life Environments Refresh! system requires you to steal some time away from your days and nights to learn, explore and experience. Give us some time. and we'll help you change you life's experience!


Gift Subscriptions

Purchase one or more gift subscriptions is super easy!  Simply click here to purchase Refresh! Gift Certificates!

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