Refresh! Immersions 2™ Annual Subscription

Melt Anxiety and Stress Naturally. Come Back to Life Amazingly and Better than Ever!

Select a natural environment to explore within your mind. Sit back. Relax. Immerse yourself in a life-like natural environment that melts anxiety and stress and has you feeling more refreshed in minutes. It’s just that simple.

This isn’t your typical nature audio – they can’t do this. This is a Refresh! Immersion 2™ – our next generation of refreshment!

Refresh! Immersions are life-like therapeutic listening experiences that place you in the center of Mother nature’s most amazing spaces in ways that interrupt anxiety and stress while enhancing the parts of your brain that drive the things that make you feel better and rejuvenated naturally – just like being there!

Simply listen. You’ll begin feeling yourself destress and become rejuvenated in just a few moments.

Refresh! Immersions were created originally to help patients undergoing medical procedures relax naturally without drugs. Because of the unique relationship humans share with nature, we place you in natural environments in highly specialized ways that allow your brain to respond and interact as if you’re actually there. unlike typical nature recordings and video that cause troublesome responses that often reinforce stress and anxiety instead of relax you in healthy ways. The result is a healthy experience both you and your brain will love – any time, any place, and any way you want!

Your subscription includes 1 year of 24/7 access to at least 6 Immersions™ each month – and a new lease on a life with less stress and more living!

All you need is a set of headphones or quality earbuds, any Internet-connected device, and a few moments to begin feeling de-stressed, refreshed and rejuvenated!

It’s time to take back control of your life and living with Refresh! Immersions 2 – the latest refreshing innovation by Life Environments.


Your subscription also includes a bonus!


Your Immersions 2 subscription includes premier access to our new Dear Doc Happy podcast that offers weekly inspiration, how-to’s, and insights! You will enjoy access to Dear Doc Happy episodes one month before they are available publicly and have the ability to ask our own Doc Happy questions that might be answered on his podcast!


$199 Annual Subscription
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Refresh!™ Immersions 2 by Life Environments is available to customers worldwide.

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Just When You Thought You Heard Everything…

Life Environments Refresh! Immersions 2™ isn’t your typical nature sound. It’s wildly different. For starters, it replicates nature’s most amazing environments in lifelike and therapeutic ways your brain can use to counteract your response to anxiety and stress while enhancing your senses of well-being and contentment – in minutes! As you will discover, Refresh! Immersions are created using pioneering new audio technology that both you and your brain will love!

However, there’s much more. Refresh! Immersions are easy to use and flexible. Now you can get many of the benefits of being in nature any time, any place, and anywhere, and any way you want! All you need is an internet-connected device, a set of headphones (preferred) or quality earbuds, and a few moments to get back  to nature and the best of yourself. That’s really all it takes!

Your subscription provides 24/365 access to at least 6 spectacular and tested immersions each month – and we’re adding more every month! Use them for anything you want from breaks from life throughout your days to a perfect way to shed the stress of the day before going to bed. The choice is yours!

It’s time to do something amazingly immersive for yourself today!



What you’ll receive…

  • 1 year of unlimited access to at least 6 spectacular therapeutic immersive experiences each month that deliver on-demand stress inhibition within as few as five minutes of listening!
  • 1 year of Premier access to our weekly Doc Happy podcast.




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