Refresh! Immersions 2™ Annual High-Performance Subscription

$347.40 / year

Each recipient receives…

  • 1 year of unlimited access to at least 6 spectacular immersive experiences each month that provides on-demand stress inhibition within as few as five minutes of listening.
  • 1 copy of Refreshed! – our complete stress management and life refreshment course that demystifies stress and gives employees real-world knowledge and tools to manage it effectively and easily!
  • 1 year subscription to Refreshed! Living. Twice annually, employees will discover fascinating new insights, explore ideas about living well, and become inspired from knowledgeable experts in our online resource for smarter cognitive living!

Now your company has a COMPLETE cognitive wellness solution that improves your  company in the most important ways – employee health, happiness, and performance.


Refresh! Immersions 2™ High-Performance

Whether you’re a professional athlete, actor, a performer or anyone who performs at peak levels during periods of extreme stress and pressure, Immersions 2™ High-Performance aural experiences provide unparalleled stress management in minutes that helps you reset and prepare your mind for what’s ahead.

Immersions 2™ High-Performance experiences deliver more potent and faster response than our Core Immersions 2™ experiences using optimally tuned aural experiences that are used in combination with standard Core Immersions for precision stress management. The result is a more rapid quelling of ambient stress and an improved ability to refocus your mind and thoughts to the tasks at hand.

When your mind and body are your tools, performing at your best is essential. Life Environments Immersions 2™ High-Performance can get you there.


NEW for 2020! Refreshed! Our acclaimed online best-selling cognitive health and wellness life course is now available online as part of your subscription!

$347.40 / year

Your access begins on July 7, 2020.

What does this mean?

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For elite performers, getting your mind in the right place is essential.

Whether you’re an athlete, actor, performer, race car driver or anyone who must perform under intense pressure, our Life Environments High-Performance aural experiences leverage nature’s experience in heightened ways that help you clear and reset your mind prior to and during extreme performances. This is accomplished using the same technology as our regular Immersions™ technology – but mastered in specific ways that provide a more intense response in the face of increased anxiety and stress in minutes.

Immersions 2 High Performance experiences are not designed to be used for daily encounters. For normal and continual destressing and cognitive rejuvenation, you will want to still use our regular Immersions 2™ experiences. However, your subscription includes both versions.

For the first time, intense performers have a safe, natural and effective way to get in the perfect  headspace for what’s ahead.


What you’ll receive…

  • 1 year of unlimited access to at least 6 spectacular High Performance therapeutic immersive Performance-calibrated experiences each month that deliver high-energy stress inhibition in minutes!
  • 1 year of Premier access to our weekly Doc Happy podcast.
  • Refreshed! – Our best-selling life course online version is included with your subscription!


What you will need…

To listen to your Immersions 2™ audio experiences, you will need the following items:

  • A quality set of headphones (preferred) or ear buds.
  • An Internet-connected computer or mobile device.
  • A subscription to Life Environments Immersions 2™ Core or High-Performance experiences.

Please review your instructions or click here to learn more about headphones and ear buds and our tested recommendations. (Clicking this link will open a new tab.)

Strongly Recommended! Refreshed! by Ian Breck is our cognitive health and wellness life course that demystifies stress and teaches you how to manage it smarter and more effectively. If you are looking to manage stress better and start building a life you love, Refreshed! is the definitive guide!



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Here’s to an amazing new you!


Refresh!™ Immersions 2 High Performance  is available to elite customers worldwide.