Refresh! Complete™ for Business Annual Subscription Pack

Put the power of Refresh! Complete to work in your company for less than $21 per month per user!

Refresh! Complete™ is the world’s leading cognitive wellness solution for a reason. We’re helping both people and companies beat the impacts of anxiety and stress while improving cognitive performance, health, and life’s experience. Now there’s a practical solution that’s simple to use, effective, affordable, and easy to love from the company that introduced cognitive wellness to the world.

It should come as no surprise that the best companies in the world are making Refresh! Complete part of their employee wellness programs. We’re glad you’re about to join them!

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Your earliest subscription enrollment period begins January 1, 2020.

Important Note: Companies may elect to receive an invoice at the end of the checkout process for orders exceeding $5,000.00 USD. Simply choose the INVOICE payment method at checkout and have no other products in your cart when checking out. Net terms are 30 days.

Special notes…

This product requires a minimum purchase of 100 annual subscriptions. If you are an existing client and wish to purchase fewer subscriptions, please contact your representative for ordering information.

This product is currently available only to customers of the United States.

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The Complete Cognitive Wellness Solution for Your Company

Refresh! Complete for Business provides each of your employees or recipients complimentary access to our Refresh! Complete cognitive wellness program.

Stress is the greatest threat to people and productivity. Keeping your employees functioning at peak levels is challenging in the best circumstances. Refresh! Complete keeps your employees at their cognitive best by helping them reduce stress that accounts for more than 98% of cognitive inhibition. It also improves their senses of well-being naturally, safely, effectively, and affordably using advanced insights from some of the world’s leading experts and mother nature’s herself.

You have the choice of digital access codes or physical access code certificates to distribute to recipients. Digital access codes are typically available within 3 days of your completed order and can be distributed to recipients instantly. Physical certificates require from 2-3 weeks.

Once you receive your access codes, simply distribute them to your recipients who can sign up for the Refresh! Complete system and receive a 100% credit. Cognitive wellness can’t be simpler.

We will periodically send you tracking reports that show which subscriptions have been redeemed. You can recycle unused subscriptions in perpetuity and unused access codes never expire.

Life Environments Refresh! is a complete cognitive wellness program that will pay for itself over and over with improved performance alone – and it’s the world’s first wellness solution that leverages the power of advanced thinking and mother nature. Then again, what else would you expect from the company that introduced the world to cognitive wellness?


Each company receives…

  • A digital table of redemption codes for their recipients to receive a 100% discount on the annual Refresh! Complete program. *
    • Unused redemption codes never expire.
    • Tracking reports are provided periodically to show which redemption codes have been applied.
  • Access to special order area for recipients and business customer.
  • Availability to purchase additional Business Pack subscriptions in groups of as few as 5 per order.
  • Direct access to a representative for personal assistance in the future.


Each recipient receives…

  • 1 year of unlimited access to at least 6 spectacular immersive experiences each month that provides on-demand stress inhibition within as few as five minutes of listening.
  • 1 copy of Refreshed! – our complete stress management and life refreshment course that demystifies stress and gives employees real-world knowledge and tools to manage it effectively and easily!
  • 1 year subscription to Refreshed! Living. Twice annually, employees will discover fascinating new insights, explore ideas about living well, and become inspired from knowledgeable experts in our online resource for smarter cognitive living!

Now your company has a COMPLETE cognitive wellness solution that improves your  company in the most important ways – employee health, happiness, and performance.


* – Please read the What Happens Next tab for important information.



When you purchase the Life Environments Refresh! Complete Business Pack™, you will be contacted by a representative for the final information required to complete your order. You will receive a set of redemption codes for your recipients that will provide a 100% credit when purchasing the Refresh! Complete system at our site through a specific product purchase link, which will be provided by your representative. Recipients enter the code in the Discount Code box when checking out with their Refresh! Complete! order and receive a 100% credit for this program.

We provide redemption codes in digital form so you may distribute them how you would like. Many companies merge redemption codes with employee or recipient databases before merging them into documents with relevant information. The choice is yours.



Each Refreshed! Complete subscription includes free shipment of the Refreshed! course book to each recipient United States customer. Due to tremendous shipping rate variability and additional forms required, international recipients are charged international shipping per individual subscription order, which is not included in the price of the program.

If you would prefer to receive your books in a bulk order to save from recipients paying shipping, please speak with your representative to explore bulk shipping options.



If you are an existing Business Pack customer, you may order additional subscriptions in as low as quantities of 5 subscriptions at a time. Simply contact your representative for more information about short orders.

If you are already a Refresh! Complete for Business customer and would like to order additional units less than 100 units, please contact your sales representative for ordering information.

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