News and Announcements

News & Announcements

New Lifelike Surround Sound Capability Is Helping People Short-Circuit Anxiety and Stress.

Surroundia X™ recording technology delivers a significant advance in recording technology because it creates a 3-dimensional sound space surrounding the head of the listener. The result is lifelike sounds that emanate from all directions as in real life. Perhaps the greatest technological achievement is the entire experience requires a quality set of non-noise-canceling headphones or earbuds.

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Life Environments Refresh!™ Cognitive Health and Wellness Program is Helping People Deal with Covid-19 Isolation Smarter and now More Affordably.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has spawned a global cognitive and mental health crisis that is damaging our lives and cultures profoundly,” notes Kevin Williams, President of Life Environments Life Sciences. “It’s critical to understand that protecting and preserving our cognitive health and wellness often safeguards us from stress-related mental illness and its devastating impacts on life and living. Unfortunately, most people do not understand how to manage anxiety, fear and stress effectively – and drugs simply do not work.

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The Life Environments 10-Day Cognitive Wellness Challenge™ Helps People Manage Stress Smarter Using Nature’s Experience – in Only 10 Days!

. . Life Environments Life Sciences has released the Life Environments 10-Day Cognitive Wellness Challenge™. This new evidence-based program leverages new thinking, deep insight, personal challenges and Mother Nature’s experience to short-circuit and manage anxiety and stress safely, effectively, affordably – and delightfully!   It’s no secret: anxiety, stress and fear (collectively referred to as “stress”) shapes our health, performance and life experience with often devastating personal and cultural consequences.

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