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Welcome to Life Environments!

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You're about to experience a new way to de-stress and refresh your day by using nature’s experience. We're happy to welcome you to our rapidly growing family!



Getting started with Life Environments™ is simple. The first step is signing up for your annual subscription. All you need is the RESERVATION CODE you've been provided on your gift certificate or digital order download. Here’s what's next.


1. Click on the green Let's Go! button below to access the Life Environments™ Annual Subscription product page.

2. Read all about your product including the What You’ll Need and the Using Life Environments Responsibly By acquiring access to Life Environments™, you agree to these tabs.

3. Add it to your cart.

4. Proceed to checkout.

5. In the checkout, you will see a coupon code window like the one below. Simply add your reservation code in this field and click on Apply Code. Your discount will be applied and you will owe zilch, zero, nada!

6. Complete the checkout process and you will receive your access instructions in your email!


Welcome to Life Environments™!