Meditation with Life Environments Refresh!™


It's time to up your chi!

Whatever your meditation technique or reason, mindfulness, concentration, cultivating compassion, or simply balancing life, Life Environments Refresh!™ adds new dimensions to meditation that extend the experience in exciting ways that are both enjoyable and healthy.




So, what’s the big deal?

Meditation is a remarkably healthy practice that does so many things for your body and mind. By reducing activity in the sympathetic nervous system, meditation is one of the few activities that can help offset the damaging effects and the body’s stress response – specifically inhibiting cortisol levels and release.

Life Environments Refresh! delivers powerful audio  experiences that provide unparalleled 360-degree sound that is a pleasure to hear, but also works with your brain in ways that inhibits anxiety, stress, and fear within minutes. What’s most unique is that Refresh! places you in the center of exceptional environments that are not only healthy but also expand your meditation to some of the most beautiful spaces – when they’re no place near where you are!

By introducing the Refresh! experience to your meditation technique, you can explore new worlds of mindfulness and being wherever, whenever, and how ever you like. What’s not to love about that?



How Refresh! increases meditation convenience and impact.

The healthy benefits of nature are profound. We’re less stressed, happier, healthier, smarter, and nicer when in nature. The problem is nature is nowhere to be found in our increasingly hectic lives. Life Environments Refresh!™ allows you to meditate anywhere and bring nature with you. Thanks to ultra-lifelike experiences, you can meditate by the ocean, in a forest, under the stars, or wherever our aural experiences take you – and we’re adding many more in 2019! When you combine meditation with Life Environments Refresh!™, you’re getting the best of both worlds – and likely even faster and more deeply than with either alone.

Now you can meditate by the ocean, in a forest, or by a stream any time, any place and any way life finds you!



Using Refresh!™ for meditation.

It’s time for a quick Refresh! session. In as few as five minutes you will begin noticing stress vanishing and refreshing feelings emerging. We suggest a minimum of 10 minutes, but you can listen for as long as you want.

Before you begin...

Secure your area. Safety is always your first consideration. Select an area where you won’t be harmed by wearing headphones are earbuds and unable to hear your environment. Never be in a position where another can be harmed by your inattentiveness. As you might expect, never listen to Refresh! experiences while driving any vehicle or operating machinery.



Calibrate FIRST!

IMPORTANT! Always calibrate your listening device volume FIRST! Before listening to any experience, you must set audio levels properly before listening to any and every experience to protect your ears from permanent damage.

The Tone Signal Method

This method is the preferred method of listening device sound level calibration.

  • Turn your volume all the way down on your headphones or earbuds.
  • Click on the red Calibrate button in your console. A tone will play for about 60 seconds and you can click again if you need more time to calibrate. Place your listening devices on your ears on and adjust your device’s volume until the tone signal is as full as possible without hurting your ears.
  • Back your volume level down about 10%. That should be enough to protect your ears yet provide an adequate listening level.
  • Once you have your level, you can listen to almost any experience with confidence as they are calibrated to specific levels that match the tone you calibrated against.
  • Adjust sound as required for a comfortable listening experience. Remember to never listen to any experience too loudly as permanent hearing damage can occur.

The Perceived Volume Method

This method is not as precise or safe, but many opt for it because of convenience. We recommend the Tone Signal Method above for maximum safety.

  • Turn your volume all the way down on your headphones or earbuds.
  • Place your listening devices on your ears on and adjust your device’s volume until the sound is as full as possible without hurting your ears.
  • Back your volume level down about 10%. That should be enough to protect your ears yet provide an adequate listening level.
  • Once you have your level, you can listen to almost any experience with confidence as they are calibrated to specific levels that match the tone you calibrated against.



Preparing for meditation.

Resting is a great way to refresh yourself anytime of the day night. Here are a few tips.

  • Why are you meditating? Is it for mindfulness or clarity - or just because it makes you feel better? Regardless of your motivation, come prepared to focus and build within you what meditation provides.
  • Set reasonable goals. Maybe you're focusing on a problem or are continuing thoughts from previous sits. Whatever your goal may be, make it reasonable and able to be achieved. This helps greatly with frustration and anxiety. Small bites work better.
  • Don't set expectations. It's easy to set expectations about where you "should" be. That is not what you want to do. Some sessions are better and you focus easier. Don't expect those every time. When you don't achieve the mindfulness you expected, let it go. That's the beautiful variability of life.
  • Be diligent. Make meditation something more than daydreaming. Have focus and make time in your day to meditate on a consistent basis.
  • Ditch the distractions. Do the best you can not to allow distractions into your meditations. Retain focus but when distractions arise, acknowledge them and set them aside for another time.
  • Adjust your posture. Before you begin, review your posture and get comfortable. Here’s a checklist:
    • Adjust any supports you use to help you sit comfortably.
    • Your head, neck, and back should be aligned, leaning neither forward nor backward, nor to the side. Your shoulders should be even and your hands level with each other so your muscles are balanced.
    • Your lips should be closed, your teeth slightly apart, and your tongue against the roof of your mouth, with the tip against the back of your upper teeth.
    • Start with your eyes closed and angled slightly downward, as though you were reading a book. This creates the least tension in your forehead and face. If you prefer, leave your eyes slightly open, with your gaze directed at the floor in front of you. Your eyes will move during meditation, but when you notice they’ve shifted, return them to where they were.
    • With your lips closed, breathe through your nose in a natural way. It shouldn’t feel controlled or forced.
    • Relax and enjoy yourself. Scan your body for any tension and let it go. All the activity of meditation is in the mind, so the body should be like a lump of soft clay-solid and stable, but completely pliant. This helps keep physical distractions to a minimum.

So, there you have it – a quick way to start your meditation sessions right! Next, we’ll cover using Life Environments Refresh!™.


Setting up Life Environments Refresh!™


Never use Life Environments Refresh!™ technology while operating machinery or when you are in a place where your undivided attention is required for your or others personal safety!  Only use this technology when you are in a place where you can relax without fear of personal harm or harm to others.

Life Environments Refresh!™ is intended for adult usage only. Never use this technology on children or any individual with condition(s) that might be triggered or made worse by listening to active audio experiences.

Headphones or Earbuds. Since we’re talking about sleep here, you should only use wireless headphone or earbud technology to reduce risk of physical harm. Wired audio listening technology should never be used for sleep applications. We recommend Bluetooth® wireless technology for greatest clarity when sleep is an issue.

Don't use noise-cancelling technology. Never use noise-cancelling headphones or earbuds because they will cancel out critical frequency information from Life Environments technology.

If you suffer from a motion, neurological or psychiatric condition, whether diagnosed or not, refer to your physician before using this product.


What you need.

Headphones or earbuds.  Headphones will deliver higher quality experiences than earbuds due to their ability to transmit more audio frequencies. Always use noise-isolating instead of noise-cancelling headphones. We test all experiences using Audio-Technica ATH-M50X headphones. These can be purchased for less than $150. These are excellent headphones. More expensive phones won't necessarily deliver a higher quality experience. However, far less expensive headphones can offer a delightful experience as well. Learn more about headphones and earbuds here...

For the nerds among you, we recommend headphones with a frequency response of 15 - 28,000 Hz for the greatest dynamics range. That being said, 20 - 22,000 Hz dynamic range headphones deliver acceptable experiences.

Internet-Enabled Device. You can use your Internet-enabled phone, tablet, pc or other device., as long as it is capable of broadcasting your Internet audio to your hearing device you use for your headphones or earbuds.

Your Life Environments Refresh!™ Subscription.  Access your Life Environments Refresh!™ subscription, sign in and select the experience you want. It’s just that easy!


Let's go!

Once you’re set up, it’s time to do the hard part – meditate!


  • Life Environments Refresh!™ requires headphones or earbuds to deliver lifelike experiences. Contact with your head is an essential element of the experience. Loudspeakers cannot replicate the therapeutic Life Environments experience.
  • Never use noise-canceling technology. It removes essential Life Environments frequencies and eliminates much of the experience.
  • Never use wired headphones or earbuds when sleep is possible.
  • Never use Life Environments Refresh!™ when you are sleeping near a baby or small child.
  • Be careful with earbuds around pets or children. They are expensive choking hazards. If possible, get models with a lanyard between the earbuds and place them in a secure and safe location when done.
  • Never have the volume of your headphones or earbuds so high you cannot hear others or smoke, CO2, security or other alarms in your home.
  • Use common sense! Understand your environments and the potential threats to you or others when you are unable to hear or see. If in doubt, don't!


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