Visions 2 by Life Environments

Welcome to the 15 minutes
you’ve been waiting for all day long.

Yep. Visions 2 natural audio experiences are really that good.


Visions 2™ natural experiences are our most popular realistic natural environments for several reasons. Each provides a precise 15-minute experience using our lifelike natural environment 3D recordings that deliver nature with unmatched realism your brain responds to in healthy ways. At the 14-minute mark, a gentle bell indicates the end of your experience is 60-seconds away so you can emerge gently.

Visions 2 experiences are great ways to introduce immersive experiences to your meditation, yoga, exercise or relaxation activities. Each provides definitive stopping points that make them perfect for most meditation, yoga, exercise and general relaxation activities. For longer duration experiences, our full-length Immersions™ series provides the ultimate experience.

Get ready for important benefits that are more than meets your ears! Our pioneering Life Environments Surroundia™ Audio Series One™, or “LESA-1”,  (learn more here…) surround aural technology delivers hyper-realistic audio experiences to all of our audio experiences that reproduce nature’s experience with unparalleled accuracy and 3D realism using traditional headphones or ear buds. Visions 2 aural surround experiences deliver many of nature’s stress management and cognitive wellness benefits – even when Mother Nature is no place to be found!

So, how do you use Visions 2 experiences? It’s simple – listen using your non-noise-canceling headphones or earbuds! Simply follow the directions you receive when you subscribe to ensure a safe and rewarding addition to your wellness activities. When using any Life Environments aural experience, calibrate your headphones or earbuds and listen in a safe place (headphones isolate you from external noises and voices) where you will not pose danger to yourself or others who may not see you.

How will you use your Visions 2 experiences? We hear from customers every day who are discovering new ways to use their Visions 2 experiences. Whether it’s for meditation (our customers’ most popular application), yoga, or simply getting away from your day, feel free to explore and discover your chi in exciting new ways.

Visions 2 by Life Environments

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