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So, what's a smile really worth?


Everything! You probably don’t realize Refresh! technology was created originally to help calm patients before, during, and after procedures. As it turns out, that's a very big deal. Science has proven calmer enjoy superior clinical outcomes – especially kid patients! That’s why we’re entering their story with a very important advantage.

In 2020, Life Environments will start making Refresh! technology available to children’s hospitals throughout North America free of charge. That’s right  - we’re making a $250 million commitment to making sure every child has the best possible chance of an amazing recovery!

Who knows – one of our kids might be the one that cures cancer or makes world peace possible! Would you really want to miss out on making that possible? We didn’t think so.


When you subscribe to Life Environments™, you make this commitment possible – and we want to thank you so much for being part of our rapidly growing family!


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