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So, what's a smile really worth?


Life Environments technology was first created to help calm patients before, during, and after medical procedures. It's true. As it turns out, this was a very big deal! Science has proven calmer patients enjoy superior clinical outcomes – especially when those patients are children. That’s why we’re providing children with an important advantage.

Life Environments makes our Refresh! technology available to children’s hospitals throughout North America free of charge. We’re making a $250 million commitment to ensuring every child has the best possible clinical outcomes and can build a life they love.

Who knows – one of our kids just might be the one that cures cancer or introduces the world to the secrets of peace. Do you really want to miss out on keeping important ideas like these possible? We didn’t think so.

...or the places we call home?


Few things have altered our planet more than humans. The truth is our location production teams have difficulty finding pristine locations to capture that are untouched or impacted by humans. With more than 95,000 scheduled airline flights over the United States each day alone, you can begin to imagine what we deal with to bring our immersive explorations to customers. Road noise, loud vehicles, industrial noise, and countless other sources of noise further impact nature and human life dramatically.

Knowing this, it should not surprise you that more than 40% of the expense of each Immersion we produce is dedicating to restoring it. This alone can cost several million dollars for a 60-minute Immersions™ segment.

At Life Environments, we believe a balance between usage of our natural resources and our planet’s ability to heal itself must be respected. Unfortunately, too many governments and companies are more interested in their bottom lines than leaving the next generation better than our own. The truth is we’ve failed them - so far. We can change. We must change. We need new thinking that embraces conservation and protecting our spaces for all living things.

At Life Environments, we’re not only leveraging nature’s experience to help people live better lives in responsible ways - we’re using our technology to show first-hand why we must protect our planet and document nature for future scientists to research and learn from tomorrow. We’re often contracted by conscientious civil engineering and construction firms to document natural environments to ensure they are the same or evenbetter after projects have completed.


We invest 5% of our profits into projects and people who are changing how we can live on our planet smarter.

It’s a start. It’s our commitment.

5% of our profits support important nature programs.

When you support Life Environments™, you support new thinking about our planet. Thank you for being part of our rapidly growing family!

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