The Immersions Audio Experience

Far more than meets your ear...


If you think Life Environments Immersion 2™ is simply another nature audio product, think again. Each lifelike experience requires demanding acquisition, pre and post-production engineering, cognitive development, and testing. Even the capture and mastering technology is proprietary and shares more in common with film production than traditional audio recording.

Life Environments therapeutic aural technology is different - it's smarter! Immersions™ use the structures of your head to deliver lifelike experiences that place you in the center of mother nature’s most amazing spaces you simply cannot get with traditional audio.

Life Environments Refresh!™ is a delightful audio experience you'll love. It interacts with your brain in healthy ways that both inhibit stress and enhance what makes you feel refreshed and rejuvenated starting in mere minutes – safely and effectively.

Therapeutic stress and anxiety management has never been easier, more enjoyable or smarter.

Decent quality non-noise canceling headphones or earbuds are required to enjoy this Immersions™ experience properly.

The following is a reduced-resolution example.

Nothing is more accurate and realistic.


Breathtaking accuracy. Immersions™ experiences are calibrated precisely from initial capture on location to the moment you experience it. While many headphones color sound, we calibrate each Immersion aural experience using quality Audio-Technica ATH-M50x headphones anyone can afford. Quite simply, listening to an Immersion™ experience is like being there – sans the ants and bugs.

Unparalleled spatial accuracy and realism. Welcome to a truly lifelike 3-D experience. If a bird flies overhead then behind you, you hear it overhead then behind you - and everywhere between. This isn’t a headphone thing, it’s more complex than that. Life Environments Immersions™ leverage the structures of your head (not your ears) to center you in the center of hyper-realistic natural space both you and your brain will love.

Therapeutic results. Immersions™ experiences do more than sound amazing - they interact with your brain in many of the same ways nature does - naturally and safely. Originally developed for patients in stressful healthcare environments, Immersions 2™ experiences diminish anxiety and stress within moments while rejuvenating your senses of wellbeing using your own brain and body instead of gadgets, gimmicks, or drugs. It’s a natural approach that produces a less-stressed, fresher, smarter, healthier, and nicer you.

Uncompromising attention to detail. Each Immersions™ experience is captured by our expert production teams in some of the world’s most amazing (and dangerous) spaces using proprietary capture technology. Once an experience is captured, production teams ensure things like the unwanted sounds of jets, cars, and other interlopers are removed with meticulous precision. It’s a manual process that can require thousands of hours to complete.

Clinical testing. Before any audio experience can be called an Immersion™, it undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it keeps its promises. Experiences are tested for interactive quality and meet strict performance and safety requirements. Immersions are more than beautiful experiences because they must also function flawlessly. These are what separates Immersions™ from simple audio recordings - and also make them essential elements of every heath and wellness program.

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