The Immersions Audio Experience

Our audio experience is delightfully different
because your brain demands it.


Life Environments immersive audio technology isn't a traditional nature audio recording – it’s far more sophisticated than that.


Our world-class production teams capture natural environments using proprietary tools specially developed by Life Environments scientists and engineers to obtain natural environments as close to the original acoustic experience as possible. From start to finish, our teams refer to 99%+ acoustically accurate audio reference recordings to ensure the most accurate experiences possible. Our acoustic accuracy averages about 98%+ - even with Internet compression and headphones anyone can afford. (We are pushing to exceed 99% in 2022.) The closest acoustic accuracy we have tested amongst other commercially available audio recordings is about 26%. Nothing else comes close to Life Environments immersive experiences.

Our experiences are better because of other reasons as well. We leverage the structures of your skull and physiological attributes to deliver breathtaking 3-dimensional audio experiences. This is why our experiences require you to use headphones or ear buds. These enable birds to fly all around you – including above – and to provide the level of realism both we and your brain demands. Indeed, there’s magic at work here.

But wait, there’s more! Too much more in many cases. For starters, our recording technology can capture sounds as far as 20 miles away! Add to that the more than 96,000 daily flights across the United States, automobiles, semi, and motorcycle traffic, trains, and other human-generated sound that must be removed, and you often walk away with a significant production bill. The truth is that we spend far more to surgically remove unwanted noise than our overall production costs. This can easily reach into the millions of dollars because we must retain acoustic accuracy. As you might expect, our audio editing capabilities are world class and leverage innovative latest technologies.

Oh yes, then there’s this. As you might expect, safety is a paramount concern. We work in some amazing and also dangerous areas. Our teams are highly skilled in areas like medicine, personal protection and defense for multiple, four, two, and no-legged creatures; climbing, flying, boating, sailing, and a host of other skills in addition to leading-edge recording technology and production skills. The primary reason is safety – and you will discover why in the unedited sound clip below:

In this clip you are listening to someone walking up to our recording system in the woods during the dark hours of morning at a remote location in rural Kentucky. Creepy? You bet! Our crews routinely encounter bear, wild boar, venomous snakes, mountain lions, jellyfish, sharks - and the occasional creepy person in the middle of a remote woods. It's all part of the job. If anyone thinks our production jobs are easy or safe, this is a reminder of the very real dangers we confront to acquire the best possible environments for our customers everyday.


So, why all the fuss, aggravation, risk, and expense? The short answer is… you! The reason behind all of our painstaking attention to detail is your brain knows the difference between real and not real – and it responds quite differently to each. Your mind and brain reacts more adversely to natural experiences with less than 92% acoustic precision. The reason for this is that your brain has already experienced real natural environments and compares your existing experiences with what it’s hearing. Lesser recording quality quickly bores your brain – something it hates. This often results in increased anxiety – exactly what you don’t want to take place.

So, does Life Environments audio fool the brain to believe you are in live nature? Nothing can replicate physically experiencing nature in the raw. However, adding a lifelike natural environment experience to what you already do is something your brain responds to quite well. The key is realism. Scientists now believe the human brain is genetically linked to nature’s experience. Your brain appears to leverage nature’s experience in multiple ways as an innate protective and rejuvenating mechanism. If you need proof, simply take a walk outside and note how much better you feel. That’s your brain on nature.

So, is nature really that important? Yes. The science is clear – those who don’t experience nature enough suffer significantly greater anxiety, stress, depression, agitation, anger, poorer health, cognitive performance, and spectacularly reduced life quality. In short, we’re designed to benefit from nature’s experience. In reality, 4 out of 5 Americans don’t experience enough nature due to hectic schedules and inaccessibility. Research has shown that in as few as five minutes, nature begins offsetting many of these brain-driven deficiencies and responses, but true health and wellness benefits require regular exposure.

Exposure to nature’s experience is simply a smarter and healthier lifestyle choice at every age and stage of life. Life Environments makes this possible when Mother Nature is no place to be found.



We deliver relentlessly neurotic realism our customers love.


Breathtaking accuracy. Immersions™ experiences are calibrated precisely from initial capture on location to the moment you experience it. While many headphones color sound, we calibrate each Immersion aural experience using quality Audio-Technica ATH-M50x headphones anyone can afford. Quite simply, listening to an Immersion™ experience is like being there – just without the ants and bugs.

Unparalleled spatial accuracy and realism. Welcome to a truly lifelike 3-D experience. If a bird flies overhead then behind you, you hear it overhead then behind you - and everywhere between. This isn’t a headphone thing, it’s more complex than that. Life Environments Immersions™ leverage the structures of your head (not your ears) to center you in the center of stunning natural spaces both you and your brain will love.

Therapeutic results. Immersions™ experiences do more than sound amazing - they can interact with your brain in many of the same ways nature does - naturally and safely. Originally developed for patients in stressful healthcare environments, Immersions 2™ experiences are designed to use realistic natural experiences diminish anxiety and stress within moments while rejuvenating your senses of wellbeing using your own brain and body instead of using gadgets, gimmicks, or drugs. It’s a natural approach that results in a less-stressed, fresher, smarter, healthier, and nicer you.

Uncompromising attention to detail. Each Immersions™ experience is captured by our expert production teams in some of the world’s most amazing (and often dangerous) spaces using proprietary production methods. Once an experience is captured, production teams ensure problems like the unwanted sounds of jets, cars, and other unnatural distractions are removed with meticulous precision. It’s a manual process that can require thousands of hours.

Interactive testing. Before any audio experience can be called an Immersion™, it undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it keeps its promises. Experiences are tested for interactive quality and meet strict performance and safety requirements. Immersions are more than beautiful experiences because they must also immerse your mind's eye flawlessly. These are only a few of the features that separate Immersions™ from traditional audio recordings.

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