The Immersions Audio Experience


If you think Life Environments is just another nature audio product, think again. Each lifelike therapeutic experience requires thousands of hours of demanding acquisition, pre and post-production engineering, cognitive development, and human testing. Even the capture and mastering technology required to produce each experience is proprietary and shares more in common with cinematic film production than traditional audio recording. The research, technology, proprietary production, and cognitive testing explains why each Refresh! experience is so expensive to produce. Refresh! aural technology is different - it's smarter! Refresh Immersions™ use the structures of your head to deliver lifelike experiences that place you in the center of mother nature’s most amazing spaces like never-before possible. It's completely new technology driven by brilliant minds thinking differently.

Life Environments Refresh!™ is more than a delightful audio experience you'll love. It works with your brain in healthy ways to inhibit stress while enhancing what makes you feel refreshed and rejuvenated in just minutes. It's effectiveness makes it unique. It's ease makes it perfect.

Each month you'll enjoy access to at least 6 delightfully immersive experiences – and we’re adding new ones all the time. Our production crews are hard at work developing new and unique experiences that will allow you to escape to some of the world's healthiest locations!

Therapeutic stress and anxiety management has never been more enjoyable, easier, or smarter! The again, what else would you expect from the company that introduced cognitive wellness to the world?

Because of the technology involved in this demo, quality headphones or earbuds are required to experience this aural experience properly.

The following is a reduced-quality example.

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