The Immersions Audio Experience

Introducing an amazing audio experience that's far more than meets your ear.


If you think Life Environments is just another nature audio product, think again. Each lifelike therapeutic experience requires thousands of hours of demanding acquisition, pre and post-production engineering, cognitive development, and human testing. Even the capture and mastering technology required to produce each experience is proprietary and shares more in common with cinematic film production than traditional audio recording. The research, technology, proprietary production, and cognitive testing explains why each Refresh! experience is so expensive to produce. Refresh! aural technology is different - it's smarter! Refresh Immersions™ use the structures of your head to deliver lifelike experiences that place you in the center of mother nature’s most amazing spaces like never-before possible. It's completely new technology driven by brilliant minds thinking differently.

Life Environments Refresh!™ is more than a delightful audio experience you'll love. It works with your brain in healthy ways to inhibit stress while enhancing what makes you feel refreshed and rejuvenated in just minutes. It's effectiveness makes it unique. It's ease makes it perfect.

Each month you'll enjoy access to at least 6 delightfully immersive experiences – and we’re adding new ones all the time. Our production crews are hard at work developing new and unique experiences that will allow you to escape to some of the world's healthiest locations!

Therapeutic stress and anxiety management has never been more enjoyable, easier, or smarter! The again, what else would you expect from the company that introduced cognitive wellness to the world?

Because of the technology involved in this demo, quality headphones or earbuds are required to experience this aural experience properly.

The following is a reduced-quality example.

So, what makes Refresh! audio different from regular audio?

The Refresh! aural experience is much more than meets the ear. It's engineered to interact with your brain to relax and refresh like only Mother Nature can. It’s better. It’s smarter. It's healthier. Life Environments Immersions™ are created using new audio technology pioneered by Life Environments – and you are going to love it!


It's a difference you will feel.

Breathtaking accuracy. Life Environments Immersions™ are calibrated precisely from initial capture to the moment you experience them in ways that preserve their lifelike experience. While headphones color sound, we calibrate each Immersion aural experience using quality Audio-Technica headphones anyone can afford. Quite simply, listening to an Immersion™ is like being there – but without the bugs.

Unparalleled spatial accuracy and realism. This is a fancy way of saying welcome to a lifelike 3-D experience. If a bird flies overhead then behind you, you hear it overhead then behind you - and everywhere between. This isn’t a headphone thing, it’s far more complex than that. It’s something amazing that enables you to experience many of nature’s cognitive benefits any time, any place, and any way you want. Life Environments Immersions™ leverage the structures of your head, not your ears, to deliver lifelike realism that places you in the center of hyper-realistic spaces both you and your brain will love.

Therapeutic results. Life Environments Immersions™ do more than simply feel amazing - they work with your brain in many of the same ways nature does - naturally and safely. Originally developed for patients in stressful healthcare environments, Immersions start diminishing anxiety and stress in moments and rejuvenates your senses of wellbeing using your own brain and body instead of gadgets and drugs. It’s a natural approach that produces a less-stressed, fresher, smarter, healthier, and nicer you.

Uncompromising attention to detail. Each Immersions™ experience is captured by our expert production crews in some of the world’s most amazing spaces using proprietary technology. Once an experience is captured, our in-house production team ensures things like the unwanted sounds of jets, cars, and other interlopers are removed with meticulous precision. It’s a manual process that can require thousands of hours to achieve – but something that’s part of each Immersions experience.

But that’s not all…

Clinical testing. Before any sound experience can be called an Immersion™, it undergoes rigorous clinical testing to ensure it keeps its promises. Each experience is tested for cognitive interaction quality and must meet strict performance requirements that meet or exceed our standards of effectiveness and safety. Immersions are more than beautiful experiences - they must also work perfectly.

A commitment to your future. Life Environments Refresh! Immersions are uncompromising – but we’re always looking for new ways we can make life a more amazing place.  In 2020, our customers will experience a new level of Immersions that promises an even more enjoyable and healthier experience.


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