Life Environments REFRESH™ – Refresh Your Mind Mother Nature’s Way!

De-Anxiety. De-Stress. Re-Fresh. Re-Juvenate.

Anxiety and stress affect everyone at one point. For tens of millions they have become persistent uninvited guests that often destroy life quality and health. Anxiety and stress aren’t always chronic. They can be short-lasting yet frequent. However, their effects are profound. Anxiety and stress at work, home, school, in relationships and other areas of life have potentially catastrophic results that extend far beyond mood. They’re often behind severe physiological and psychological damage, cancers, heart disease and even death.

Life Environments Refresh™ is a therapeutic stress and anxiety relief solution that uses nature’s experience to inhibit the effects of stress and anxiety naturally while enhancing what makes you feel better any place, any time and any way you want. More importantly, it’s an easy, safe, effective - and a delightful experience. Simply listen.

It’s time to take control of anxiety and stress. It’s time for Life Environments Refresh™.

Introducing Life Environments Refresh

Life Environments Refresh™ is an innovative de-anxiety and de-stressing solution that leverages nature’s experience to refresh your day by connecting you to nature’s experience in exciting new ways.

( You simply listen. )

Have you ever noticed how much healthier, happier, smarter and more alive you feel in nature? The reason is simple: we’re linked to nature genetically. Scientists have shown the human/nature relationship is an essential element of human wellness and life quality. One of nature’s many benefits is that it destresses, cleanses and refreshes our brains like nothing else can – even more effectively and safely than pharmaceuticals. Despite its scientifically-proven therapeutic effectiveness, nature is something you have to be in to benefit from. This is no longer true.

Life Environments Refresh™ is an exciting new anxiety and stress reduction solution that uses lifelike audio experiences to disrupt key cognitive processes that drive anxiety and stress while enhancing what makes you feel and perform better effectively, safely and without drugs in as few as 5 minutes. Life Environments Refresh™ connects you to nature’s experience in delightfully unexpected ways that make your days and nights better places to be.

Life Environments Refresh™ is simple to use any time, any place and any way you like. You simply need an Internet-connected device, stereo headphones (preferred) or earbuds and your Life Environments Refresh™ subscription to start leveraging nature’s experience.

Simple to use. Easy to love.

Here’s our instruction manual. Sit back. Relax. Listen. As your brain connects with nature’s lifelike experience, the magic begins. Stress and anxiety begin fading within minutes and you start feeling refreshed and relaxed naturally and safely. Immerse yourself in Life Environments Refresh™ experiences for a few moments for a quick refresher, a bit longer for rejuvenation or drift off gently to a more restful sleep. The choice is yours.

Your Life Environments Refresh™ subscription includes our easy-to-follow audio Life Environments Refresh™ Planner that introduces you to important concepts to make the best of your days and nights. Explore new ideas and design a custom refreshment experience that fits your life to help you achieve better, safer, healthier and more refreshing reset.

Life Environments Refresh™ is natural, safe, effective and affordable – and that’s something each of us can rest easier knowing.

Life Environments Refresh™ does what nature recordings simply can’t.

Anxiety and stress are complicated. Many people use nature recordings to take life’s edge off to learn they simply don’t work. In fact, they more often make things cognitively worse, which explains why most experts don’t recommend them. Life Environments Refresh™ is different. It’s a professional therapeutic solution originally developed to help patients minimize anxiety and stress in healthcare environments. It can help you too.

Unlike traditional nature recordings that deliver passive experiences that actually tire your brain, Life Environments Refresh™ places you in lifelike 360-degree natural environments that your brain engages with. Instead of boring your brain, Life Environments Refresh™ stimulates and connects you to nature’s experience in ways your brain loves. Would you rather fall asleep listening to a brook or actually be by a brook and fall asleep? That’s the Life Environments Refresh™ difference.

With Life Environments audio technology, you experience nature above, below, behind, in front, side to side - and all places between. You’ll begin feeling lighter and refreshed in mere minutes. Thanks to physics, Life Environments Refresh™ lifelike surround experiences can be leveraged using simple stereo headphones (preferred) or earbuds and your Internet-connected device. It’s just that simple.

Life Environments Refresh™ connects you to nature’s experience any time, any place and in any way.

Simple. Safe. Smart.

Getting started with Life Environments Refresh™ is easy and simple. It begins with any Internet-connected device, wireless Bluetooth® headphones or earbuds and your subscription to Life Environments. That’s it!

Your subscription to the Life Environments Refresh™ system includes a minimum of 5 therapeutic experiences to choose from each month with new ones being added about once a month. You will enjoy our easy-to-follow audio guide that helps you get the most from your Life Environments experience.

Welcome to Life Environments Refresh™

Ready for a quick taste of Life Environments Refresh?

This example requires the use of headphones or earbuds to experience true lifelike 360-degree audio.

Grab your headphones or earbuds and listen this brief taster of Life Environments lifelike surround audio technology and a smattering of our experiences.

Please lower the volume and adjust to lifelike levels. Watch the screen for audio level cues.


Refresh your day mother nature's way!


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