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Refresh your day Mother Nature's way.

Immersions Therapeutic Aural Experiences

Refresh! Immersions 2™ - CORE
Annual Subscription

The perfect option for 99% of our customers!

De-stress and rejuvenate quickly by immersing yourself in Refresh! Immersions life-like therapeutic cognitive audio experiences any time, any place, and any way you like!

The perfect daily cognitive wellness solution.

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Refresh! Immersions 2 - High Performance
High-Performance Immersions 2™

Specialized Immersions experiences for athletes, performers, entertainers, actors, physicians and others in extremely high-stress environments.

Highly specialized. Not intended for general cognitive wellness applications.

Athletic Mode helps you destress before, prepare for, and cognitively recover after events.

Performer Mode helps you clear stress from your mind before and focus on your performance while de-stressing afterward.

Includes both CORE™ and High-Performance Immersions™ products.

Immersions TEAMS!™
Annual Subscription
$179 per Seat.

Minimum 10 seats.

Manage groups of Immersions™ teams quickly and easily~

Add, edit and delete Immersions™ users quickly with managers you select.

Purchase as many seats as you like at a discount.

Central billing! One bill is generated annually for your TEAMS subscription!

TEAMS! automatically onboards your members! Simply provide an email address and TEAMS! does the rest automatically!

And much more to make managing your teams easier, smarter, and more affordable!