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Refresh! Audio Environments

Refresh! Immersions™
Annual Subscription

De-stress and rejuvenate quickly by immersing yourself in Refresh! life-like therapeutic 3-D cognitive audio environments!

Immerse yourself in our therapeutic new audio technology that leverages nature's experience to de-stress and rejuventate your brain when nature's nowhere to be found!

Designed for patients in healthcare environments. Works in the environments where you live too!

All you need is quality headphones or earbuds, an internet-connected mobile device or computer, and some time to immerse yourself in refreshing new worlds. Subscription only. Devices not included.

Refreshed! by Ian Breck

Refreshed! Living

Refreshed! Living Online
Annual Subscription

Extends our Refreshed! cognitive wellness book/course twice annually with a new in-depth subject focus you can use in your own life immediately.

Practical expert insights you can use to create, build, and live a life you love!

Expand your insights, discover smarter lifestyle choices, increase cognitive wellness, and be inspired with Living Refreshed! - our online semi-annual journal of life and living.

Ask questions and possibly have them answered by some of the world's leading experts!


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