Refreshed! – The Life Course

It's time to take back control of life's experience.

The program that's changing lives
every day.

When you make the commitment to manage stress smarter and build a life you love, Refreshed! by our own cognitive expert Ian Breck is the definitive life course that demystifies stress and enables you to become creative with it in ways sure to delight!

Refreshed! is the legendary life course that delivers the real-world understandable, actionable knowledge required to master stress. It includes powerful insights you need to redefine your relationship with anxiety and stress forever. Refreshed! isn't about gimmicks, fads, or voodoo. It's built around advanced scientific understandings and actionable insights from global experts that will help you start building a life you love. Refreshed! is intuitive, written in conversational English, an it's easy to follow. It will also challenge you and make you think like never before - and will profoundly change the experience of your life in positive ways.

It's time to take back the control and direction of your life in beautiful ways. It's time to get Refreshed! 

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