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Technical Requirements


Which type of headphones or earbuds should I use?

Headphones deliver superior experiences when compared to ear buds. However, there are some high-quality ear buds that deliver very good results as well. We have created this page to explore and explain your choice of listening devices.


Does my device have to be connected to the Internet?

Yes. Our audio technology requires additional processing unavailable on traditional digital media players.


Are your experiences available on iTunes®?

No. Because additional playback technology is required, Life Environments aural experiences require Internet connections.


Can I use my computer instead of a mobile device?

Absolutely! You can use any device with a live Internet connection and the ability to feed headphones or earbuds.




What are my subscription options?

Individuals can choose from annual or monthly subscription plans. Monthly plans offer flexibility whereas annual plans provide cost savings.


Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes. Your subscription will run until the end of the current subscription period then terminate automatically.


How often do you release additional Life Environments experiences?

We release approximately 10 new experiences each year. As you might expect, each experience requires significant production time, but we try to release at least 10 new experiences each year, although this can vary.

Do you retire aural experiences?

Yes. We like to switch around aural experiences for increased variety.


Can I share my subscription with my family?

Absolutely! Just remember that you cannot have more than one person using your account at a single time.


Is technical support available?

Yes. Once you become a subscriber, you will receive technical support access that explains account options. If you need further assistance, you can submit a support request that will be responded to quickly. Please note we do not provide support for computers, operating systems, software, devices, headphones, audio technology, Internet connectivity, or related issues.


Usage and Application


When should I NOT use Life Environments Refresh!™ Immersions 2™ technology?

Life Environments Immersions 2™  and Visions 2™ are therapeutic technologies. Never use either where or when the absence of your concentration or undivided attention is reasonably required to protect yourself or others from harm. Never use Life Environments audio technologies while driving or operating machinery that requires aural or visual acuity or in places where you or others could be harmed due to your inability to react to your environment - or when you are responsible for the care of a child or other person who may need your assistance.


Is Life Environments aural technology right for everyone?

No. Life Environments delivers highly immersive experiences that are almost exactly what you would experience during a walk in nature. That said, some of these lifelike experiences may not be appropriate for some people.

Persons with psychological disorders, dysfunction or other trauma-induced conditions must always consult with their primary care or mental health physician prior to engaging with any Life Environments experience. Selective experience choices should be considered by those affected by PTSD or other conditions triggered or exacerbated by exposure to specific environmental stimulation. For example, a forest experience may not be appropriate for someone who has experienced past negative or traumatic events relating to a forest. As with all things, common sense must always prevail.

If you notice yourself or someone else responding adversely (anger, agitation, frustration, anxiety, fear, crying, aggression, acting out, etc.) during or after listening to an Immersion™ experience, STOP LISTENING and consult your mental health professional immediately. In the highly unlikely event violence or the potential for it exists, get out of any area of danger and call 911 immediately – even if it is you displaying the behaviors. No adverse responses have been reported with Life Environments™ audio technology, but the possibility exists in rare cases. Be aware of this.


Life Environments aural technology in clinical and/therapeutic environments.

Life Environments audio technologies may be used in a variety of perioperative, procedural, transitional, residential and palliative settings where attenuation of anxiety, stress and fear for improved clinical outcomes and patient experience is desirable.

MRI headphones with noise-reduction technology will strip out essential spatial orientation and frequency response information contained within each experience. When possible, noise-isolating MR Safe (non-magnetic) headphones that meet or exceed ANSI S3.19-1974 standards with min. 28db noise reduction employed consistent with MRI manufacturer specifications. System requirements vary, and acoustic positional accuracy (APA) testing using Life Environments™ clinical test codecs should be conducted prior to therapeutic implementation as performance and frequency response is highly device dependent.


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