What to Expect

Introducing real-world cognitive wellness designed around your life.


Life Environments is using new thinking to help you manage anxiety, stress, and fear smarter, more effectively, and safely.

Our approach includes two primary elements that you can use in any way you like, depending on your goals. Use one, the other or both. The choice is yours!




Immersions 2™ Aural Experiences

What it does: Immersions 2™ aural technology uses Mother Nature's experience in lifelike ways that short-circuit stress and stimulate the areas of your brain responsible for your senses of well-being and contentment. Now you can de-stress and rejuvenate Mother Nature's way!

Immersions 2™ experiences are interactive audio explorations pioneered by Life Environments that place you in the center of lifelike natural environments that immerse you in healthy and stress-inhibiting ways.

Each immersive experience interacts with your mind in ways designed to interrupt anxiety, stress, and fear while enhancing your senses of well-being and contentment. It does this using only nature’s experience.

Simply relax and allow your thoughts to meander while enjoying your experience any way you like. The heavy lifting is taking place in the background as your brain responds to nature's lifelike experience delivered by Life Environments.

In as few as five minutes, you will start noticing stress slipping away. The longer you are in your “session,” the longer your results will last and the better you’ll feel. The power of Immersions™ to disrupt cognitive chains is unsurpassed – and this is the healthiest gift you can give to your mind, body, and life experience.

Use Immersions any time, any place, and any way you like. Naturally, common sense is essential. Driving, operating dangerous equipment, piloting, or performing any activity or listening in unsafe spaces or where you can’t respond to danger are all strict no-no’s. That said, our customers enjoy Immersions when walking, preparing for sleep, during daily breaks, before and after meetings, and other applications to both de-stress and rejuvenate naturally, safely, and effectively.

Immersions only make most individuals sleepy if they want to fall asleep. They’re not designed to bore your brain but to stimulate it in healthy ways that promote cognitive exploration using your mind’s eye. This is a small part of how Immersions work – and you’ll love the experience. Immersions™ like nothing you’ve ever encountered – and you will soon fall in love with your “Immersion time!”



The less-stress and more-living masterclass by Ian Breck

What it does: Helps you understand and manage anxiety, stress and fear smarter and in ways that allow you to start building a life you love.

Refreshed! is both a frank discussion and a life course from our world class expert in cognitive wellness Ian Breck - in the form of a book!

Refreshed! is your first step toward smarter living. You will learn what stress is, what it does to your body, what causes it, and how you can minimize both stress and its impacts on your body and life. You will also discover that intertwined through Ian’s explorations are the key elements for building a life you love. It’s a skillful combination you will find both rewarding and captivating. Throughout Refreshed! you will learn and put to work the key components of a successful cognitive wellness plan and complete your own with your new knowledge and some practical experience.

Ian writes in an easy to understand conversational style that’s both comfortable to read and informative. While several medical and scientific concepts are explored, each is presented in ways anyone can understand. Overall, this book is a discussion and its richly informative and actionable topics are presented as such – formality is left aside for academia. Refreshed! has been described as a fascinating, engaging, interesting, and immersive experience by thousands of readers – a pretty impressive achievement for a book about stress and building a life you love.

Refreshed! is nothing you expect; it’s better – and much more important.


So, there you have it!

Refresh! by Life Environments is built around you your life. It’s simple to follow, understand, and out to use in your own life. It’s enjoyable. It’s effective, It’s affordable. Every reason for anyone to not start experiencing a happier, healthier, smart, and more enjoyable life has just left the room!


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