Life Environments – What to Expect

What to expect.


Life Environments Refresh!™ provides a gentle, enjoyable, and entertaining experience that acts on your body’s response to specific emotions like anxiety, stress, while enhancing ones that drive your senses of well-being and contentment as you enjoy. Unlike traditional nature recordings that irritate and numb your mind, Refresh! stimulates your brain in healthy and productive ways while you listen.

The first thing most people notice is that Refresh! doesn’t make them sleepy. This is exactly what you want. Refresh! doesn’t fog your brain like traditional nature recordings do because it inhibits specific responses as opposed to numbing your entire brain through repetition. You're more aware and you will notice your mind's eye exploring as you would when you're in live nature. In short, Refresh! stimulates rather than numb your brain - and that's what sets Refresh! apart from any other product today. This makes Refresh! a perfect solution while working, reading a book, or doing almost everything you love. Most people report feeling cognitively clearer and fresher within minutes.

So, will you feel different? Most people do - however, it may not be how you expect. Because Refresh! is targeted specifically to anxiety, stress, and fear centers don’t expect euphoric changes to take place. That's not what you want. Refresh! calms stress gently and effectively without changing how you feel emotionally. Refresh! simply brings out the calmer and more refreshed you!

The longer you listen, the greater your benefit will be. The more times you listen and develop a routine, the better you will begin feeling overall – even if you’re not stressed out normally!

If you want a more restful and healthier sleep, Refresh! can help also. We encourage you to read our Refresh! Sleep Guide to learn more about how Refresh! can help you achieve a deeper and more restful sleep.


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