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Life Environments Refresh!™ is a unique audio stress-relief and rejuvenation system designed to stimulate, not bore, your brain in healthy ways. Because of our unique therapeutic approach, Life Environments Refresh!™ helps you feel refreshed without making you sleepy - unless that's what you want, of course! In as few as five minutes, you will experience less anxiety and stress as you begin feeling more refreshed and ready for what's next using lifelike experiences that could only be created by mother nature herself!

Below we'll explore several ways Life Environments Refresh!™ is being used today. Is Life Environments Refresh!™ right for your application? Contact us. We will be happy to set you up with an expert who can explore your ideas!


Personal Applications

Reducing Stress and Anxiety. When it comes to inhibiting anxiety, stress and fear, while simultaneously increasing those things that stimulate happiness, Life Environments Refresh!™ has no organic equal other than being in nature first-hand. Life Environments Refresh!™ is an effective, easy to use, safe and affordable way to help inhibit the effects of effects. Naturally, Life Environments Refresh!™ won’t replace professional medical intervention when necessary, but for most, it can deliver acute stress and anxiety relief while improving those things that increase your sense of well-being.

A Daily Refresher. Life Environments Refresh!™ is a perfect choice for resetting your day or be at your best for meetings and other direct engagement functions. Simply set aside 10-15 minutes to immerse yourself and be ready for wherever your day takes you! Life Environments™ is a smarter way to refresh and rejuvenate your day naturally and safely!

Providing a Much-Needed Break from Your Day. We all need “me” time to break away from the pressures of daily life. Life Environments Refresh!™ provides a perfect distraction that will begin refreshing and rejuvenating in minutes safely, effectively and without pharmaceuticals or chemicals. As few as five minutes is all you need. As few as 30 minutes can reset your entire day!

Improving Your Sleep Experience. Hundreds of millions have problems falling asleep or experiencing a truly restful sleep. Unlike traditional nature recordings that bore your brain, Life Environments Refresh!™ you by placing you in the middle of lifelike spaces to explore as you gently fall asleep and wind down your day in ways your brain most enjoys.

Getting Your Daily Dose of Vitamin “N.” While experts disagree on the exact amount of nature required to offset unhealthy cognitive responses, most agree a minimum of one hour is necessary for most of us. Those in high stress jobs may need significantly more. While a walk is always your best choice, Life Environments Refresh!™ is the next best thing when getting out into nature is inconvenient or impossible!

Corporate and Group Applications

Wellness Programs. As part of established or new wellness programs, Life Environments Refresh!™ provides a therapeutic cognitive wellness solution designed around the human/nature relationship – and a perfect extension for any existing wellness program. Thanks to its ease of use, effectiveness, non-intrusive implementation and affordability, Life Environments Refresh!™ is being welcomed by some of the world’s leading corporate and organizational wellness programs.

Increasing Employee Cognitive Performance. The same individual de-stressing and cognitive benefits can be enjoyed by entire populations.

Immersion. Allowing employees to immerse themselves in Life Environments Refresh!™, while performing jobs that can safely accommodate such an activity, can help increase productivity, mitigate the effects of distractions and increase those things that make employees happier, healthier and more productive.


Life Environments Refresh!™ Rooms allow employees to get away from it all using Life Environments Refresh!™ technology. We can help your company develop a Refresh!™ Room as part of your corporate or group subscription.


Clinical & Therapeutic Applications

Clinical Environments. Life Environments Refresh!™ inhibits the anxiety, stress and fear associated with many procedures and practices using only nature’s experience. From hospitals, acute care facilities and surgery centers to procedure rooms, long term care facilities and palliative care applications, Life Environments Refresh!™ can deliver results that improve the patient experience and contribute to better clinical outcomes.

Home/Palliative Care. Life Environments Refresh!™ is an excellent choice for home/palliative care applications where diminished effects of anxiety, stress and depression and wellness reinforcement are desirable outcomes in non-clinical environments.

Long-Term Care and Rehabilitation. Life Environments Refresh!™ is an excellent choice for patients undergoing long-term care. From ease of use and safety to affordability and flexibility, Life Environments™ technology delivers the refreshing and rejuvenating experience that support better long-term outcomes for patients experiencing the challenges of long-term care and rehabilitation.

Depression. PTSD. Other Psychiatric Disorders. Life Environments Refresh!™ has not been formally studied with psychiatric patient populations. However, existing product research and clinical research suggests Life Environments Refresh!™ may provide a therapeutic benefit to individuals suffering from these and similar disorders in addition to appropriate psychotherapy and pharmaceutical interventions. Life Environments™ should never be applied to these populations without the recommendation of a competent medical physician.

Children’s Hospitals. In Q4 2019, Life Environments Refresh!™ will be available free of charge to all children’s hospital facilities in the United States of America and Canada. Restrictions apply.

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