Our Story

Here's to dreamers.


We're solving the most complex life science puzzles on a distinctly human level.

Life Environments is a delightfully different life sciences company. We're scientists, physicians, nerds, adventurers - but overall, we're humans. We focus on one one thing at Life Environments: making life and its experience a better place to be. We do our job in surprising ways by following where science leads us. At Life Environments, our work isn't driven by costs, profits, politics or popularity. It's driven by the discovery of real insight, expertise and transforming it into actionable. safe and effective solutions that make life better for all of us.

Today, we're focusing on anxiety and stress in big and unexpected ways. You see, many of our colleagues, friends and families suffer from the devastating impacts of anxiety, stress and depression. We've been there too. We’ve all experienced anxiety and insurmountable stress and sometimes even the hopelessness they introduce. It’s all too common – and it’s reaching even more destructive levels in our culture today. What makes us different is that we’re also scientists, researchers and doctors with the insight, power and desire to attack the stress problem instead of being victims - and we're doing it in ways our clients love - and keeping it affordable too!

Life Environments is dedicated to solving and managing stress in smarter ways. We not only possess sophisticated research and development capabilities, we have advanced cinematic production, behavioral research, consumer research, advanced science and world-leading expertise in human cognition too. We work with the brightest minds from around the globe to bring innovative solutions to life.

What truly sets us apart is that we look beyond the expected, known science and the predictable to reveal smarter ways to make life better. If Hollywood magic can help, we’re all about it. We leave no stone unturned. We've even leveraged nature’s experience and the enormous power within our own brains to manage stress smarter and better than drug therapy in most cases – and that kind of thinking is making profound differences around the world.

Our commitment to cognitive health, wellness and well-being is unmatched. The best solutions for life's toughest challenges don’t always come from the labs of multinational companies, known science or pharmaceuticals. There are many factors that impact and influence our minds and bodies. We explore our own backyards and even traditional practices for answers to life’s most perplexing challenges. We talk with people, discover what’s important to them  - and learn what's standing in their way of a better life. We’re changing lives every day with smarter thinking, pioneering research, advanced technology - and by simply being curious humans.

Here's to the dreamers who are delivering new thinking and superior results.



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