Our Story


Because necessity is the mother of invention.



In short, we’ve been there. Our founder, Kevin Williams, found himself confronting cancer in 2010. In his quest for answers regarding his devastating diagnosis, he discovered the remarkably destructive roles anxiety, stress, and fear play in disease and life quality. He was struck by their disastrous impacts. It wasn’t only the obviously horrible things they do, but also the seemingly limitless perceptively insignificant and benign conditions they cause. As a pioneering cognitive scientist with a unique metabolism that often responded adversely to drug therapy, Kevin became focused on ways to mitigate stress without drugs. Kevin ultimately discovered a solution that was not only effective, it was potentially superior to drug therapy in many cases.

Life Environments, a life sciences company, explores and creates innovative solutions pertaining to cognitive wellness and human health. We’re helping customers transform their health, cognitive wellness, and life experience through insights from the brightest minds in the world and leading-edge innovation that pushes the bounds of known science and technology.

Life Environments possesses sophisticated medical, scientific technical, consumer research and world-class cinematic capabilities that enable us to deliver powerful solutions that are safe, sound, tested, practical, and affordable.  We constantly pursue and engage with the brightest minds to deliver solutions that are making profound differences in the lives of our customers every day.

As for Kevin, he continues to drive our research and product development efforts more passionately than ever. He shows no evidence of disease. In 2019, Life Environments will provide Refresh!™ technology to children’s hospitals throughout North America to help kids through the toughest battles in their lives - free of charge. Our subscribers make our $250 million-dollar commitment possible.

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