About Us



Making real differences every day.


It’s simple: we’re a company that’s applying advanced understandings and science to help people just like you feel and heal better. However, we’re not your ordinary company. You see, our primary focus is leveraging the human/nature relationship. That’s simply a technical way of saying we’re using nature’s experience to help people reduce stress, anxiety and the effects of depression while helping them to feel better, heal better, increase cognitive performance and generally just feel better in a pretty challenging world. There’s a mouthful!

We’re scientists, geeks, mothers and fathers. However, we don’t work alone. We work with some of the brightest minds in the world to increase our understandings and seek out new and healthy ways of fusing the mind with nature for the benefit of humanity. However, we’re not a new age sort of company. Our work is rooted deeply in science and the foundational understandings of cognition, neuroscience and physics. Once again, we’re also people. We understand the importance of making our innovations affordable and practical.

Our mission is simple. We deliver innovative technologies people use to make their life experience better and happier. Whether you’re wanting to shake away the stress of your day, seeking a more restful sleep, wanting to refresh yourself for an upcoming meeting, needing to reduce anxiety and stress for whatever reason or a cancer patient wanting a healthy way to break free from your uninvited reality, we pioneer solutions that are safe, effective and healthy choices.

To retain our customer-centric focus, we are and will forever remain a private company. While currently based in Indiana, we are looking forward to our new California home and the opportunities for innovation that it will make possible.

Welcome to Life Environments™.