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Life Environments is a different kind of life sciences company that’s changing life in amazing ways for millions of people. We’re taking on the toughest challenges using new and unexpected thinking – and helping people just like you win life’s toughest battles. While most of us have letters after our names and lifetimes of experience, we were never professor’s pets or voted most likely to become Internet sex symbols. Following well-traveled paths, adapting to conventional thought, and conforming to the ideals of others was never part of our DNA – and this is a difference our customers love.

We’re a new generation of scientists that value curiosity, innovation, research, ethics, and bringing good things to life more than pacifying shareholders, advertisers, and influencers. We ride motorcycles, fly planes, film, photograph, explore, climb mountains, fly kites, sail, paint, have families complete with dogs, ride horses, dig deep into science, work with the world’s most brilliant minds, and have a true passion for understanding life and keeping what makes it special alive and well. We’re committed to making life a better place to be for our customers – and we go to amazing lengths to make that promise happen. We aren’t for sale, don’t sell our technology, play pricing games, or dabble with go-betweens. Because of our unwavering commitment, a few refer to us the bad boys and girls of life science. We’re good with that. Here's to the rule-breakers.

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