Better Together


Explorers Like Us Cinema and Sound is now part of Life Environments!



It's simple: two awesome companies are better than one. 

Explorers Like Us is one of the premier cinematic technology development companies in the world. Life Environments brings our innovation to life for millions of people just like you every day. Our technology will still be driven by the Explorers Like Us technology group. Market intelligence will be driven by Life Environments. Combining our efforts simply makes sense.

So, what’s changed? 

Actually, very little – yet lots. Our existing initiatives remain the same; our teams haven’t changed either. However, innovation will increase with the addition of advanced market knowledge capabilities that combine the interests of people with the innovative insights of some of the most advanced minds in the world. We’re even increasing our philanthropic activities thanks to new synergies and powerful new relationships.

What can you expect in the future?

Lots. More. Better. When you combine the intellectual resources of two great companies into one, great things happen. More importantly, we’ve designed our merger to ensure everything that was great about each company remains firmly in place and untouched.

Looking toward new horizons.

With the fusion of our efforts, we’re plotting new courses that promise to delight and inspire. We’re expanding our use of nature’s experience to help people feel and heal better and introducing new technologies that promise better and more satisfying lives for people worldwide. We love our jobs and our mission. By combining forces, we’re increasing our ability to make life better. We simply wouldn’t have it any other way.

Welcome to a better, more powerful Life Environments™.