Coming in 2020…


A very good year.


2019 has been one of our most exciting years to date! We’re expanding our collection of experiences with new technology and even more spectacular new works including forests, brooks, birdscapes, meadows and some wild new adventures into human environments. In 2020, we’re heading to New Zealand to bring back a spectacular new collection. Every year, you can expect the unexpected.

We’re always innovating a- and 2019 is no different. In 2020 you can engage with production teams live via real-time video interactions. Submit your questions and ideas and we’ll answer them on location. Our crews will also bring you up to date on the latest shots with insights you will get no place else.

You are part of our family! Your subscription and support make our work possible – and our teams are ready to bring you the world in the most spectacular ways.


Do you know? Each experience we produce requires more than one year – some even longer – to capture, produce, and test. Each one hour experience can cost upwards of $2 million from start to finish. In 2019, we will introduce many new experiences. In 2020, we’ll be adding even more.

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