The Life Environments 10-Day Cognitive Wellness Challenge™ Helps People Manage Stress Smarter Using Nature’s Experience - in Only 10 Days!



Life Environments Life Sciences has released the Life Environments 10-Day Cognitive Wellness Challenge™. This new evidence-based program leverages new thinking, deep insight, personal challenges and Mother Nature’s experience to short-circuit and manage anxiety and stress safely, effectively, affordably – and delightfully!

It’s no secret: anxiety, stress and fear (collectively referred to as “stress”) shapes our health, performance and life experience with often devastating personal and cultural consequences. Those who manage stress poorly (almost all of us) experience poorer health, cognitive performance and life quality. The results are scary yet predictable. Suicide is now the second leading cause of death for ages 10-24. Stress is also associated with almost every non-traumatic human disease or condition in either a causal or aggravating way. Unfortunately for most, their first and last encounters to manage stress are in their physician’s office looking for and usually getting prescription medication to ease symptoms, which often compounds their problem. Sadly, medication is ineffective for managing most stress and not supported as a first-line defense by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and a growing number of leading institutions. So, what do we do?

Researchers at Life Environments Life Sciences have been at the forefront of “the stress problem” for three decades. That work has culminated in a new evidence-based approach to managing stress smarter that’s both exciting and surprisingly effective. The Life Environments 10-Day Cognitive Wellness Challenge™ combines expert insight, behavioral modification, participant interaction, and innovative new technology that leverages Mother Nature’s experience to short-circuit and inhibit dangerous physiological and cognitive stress responses.

Kevin Williams, president of Life Environments said: “The Life Environments 10-Day Cognitive Wellness Challenge™ is a practical solution based on new thinking that redefines our relationship with stress in positive and enjoyable ways. This program encapsulates what we know in a practical and enjoyable personal challenge that transforms understandings and allows people to take back control of their life from stress in ways they love. It’s simple. It’s enjoyable. It’s tough. Most importantly, it’s effective because it leverages how the brain manages stress naturally and what you already love to do.”

While each aspect of the challenge plays a critical role, perhaps the most captivating is the technology that drives Life Environments programs. Surroundia™ aural technology is a new Life Environments lifelike audio technology that places you in the middle of natural environments with sound emanating in all directions as in live nature – above, behind, below and all directions between! Unlike traditional stereo or surround recordings, Surroundia™ experiences are believed to trigger many of the inhibitory and rebalancing processes live nature provides in as few as five minutes. The result is a balanced stress-inhibition and rejuvenating cognitive response that’s safe and effective. All you need are non-noise-canceling headphones or earbuds and an Internet-connected device.

“In a more uncertain and anxious world, managing stress smarter is now an imperative if you want to experience a life you love,” remarked Williams. “Traditional thinking has failed - and we’re paying profoundly because of it. We have to changing this- and we are doing just that.”

The Life Environments 10-Day Cognitive Wellness Challenge™ is proving surprisingly popular. Thanks to its simplicity and effectiveness, it is being used by more than 10,000 individuals, groups and a growing number of corporations as part of their organizational wellness programs within its first three days of release.

The Life Environments 10-Day Cognitive Wellness Challenge™ is available now and participation costs only $24.95 for a 15-day completion timeline or $34.95 for a 30 day completions timeline.

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